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Write Words that Sell with Kelsey Formost

In this week’s episode, I sit down with copywriting expert, marketing educator & mental health advocate, Kelsey Formost. Kelsey unpacks while copywriting is an important skillset for all entrepreneurs and one that can be easily learned – even if you hate writing! She also discusses a few tricks you can implement while writing to help you think and edit like a copywriter.  Finally, Kelsey provides actionable tips on how to best work with a professional copywriter, so you don’t waste thousands of dollars!

Episode Highlights:

[2:19] How Kelsey got started as an entrepreneur
[7:02] Why it’s important to take the chance and follow your dreams
[9:13] What exactly is copywriting and why is it useful?
[13:20] How to get over the fear of copywriting
[20:38] Some tips for hiring a copywriter
[25:27] Why it’s important to have your brand reflected in your copywriting
[30:58] Download Kelsey’s Freebie to help you with writing
[35:00] Where to find Kelsey

About Kelsey:

Kelsey Formost is a copywriting expert, marketing educator & mental health advocate who helps entrepreneurs learn to write words that sell. She’s been featured in Business Insider, Glamour, Refinery29, Boss Babe & more. She’s also an experienced public speaker & educator, chosen for events like Hubspot’s Inbound2020 and SXSW (South By Southwest) 2021, two of the top marketing conferences in the country.

Kelsey’s easy-to-understand copywriting courses & templates have helped take struggling businesses to six figures and beyond, but that’s not really what’s important. Kelsey’s mission is to demystify the process of communicating with an online audience, helping entrepreneurs feel empowered and inspired every time they need to write or speak about their business (and also, yeah, make more money in the process).

You can learn more about Kelsey at:

By visiting her website at kelseyformost.com
Following her on Instagram at kelseywrites
Downloading her freebie 3 Copywriting Secrets to Triple Your Profits

About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a full-service design studio specializing in bold, beautiful web design for female entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about Jacinta at
– socialcircleinc.com
– Follow on IG at jacinta_gandy

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