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THE Hustle with Purpose PODCAST encourages us to leave “the busy life” behind and focus our time and energy on the things that fuel our passions and align with our purpose. 

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In today's episode, I'm sharing the 5 Things I'm No Longer Doing in 2020 in order to have a productive and purpose driven year. This episode will also provide a sneak peek on some of the upcoming episodes on the Hustle with Purpose podcast.

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During this episode, we discuss Tanya's unorthodox journey into entrepreneurship and the realities of corporate america versus being an entrepreneur. We also discuss vulnerability and how Brene Brown's TED Talk completely changed Tanya's life. 

During this episode, we discuss Suzanne's inspiring journey into entrepreneurship, how a trip to Australia at the age of twenty-six completely changed her life, and her daring decision to move her family to France.  

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