Is Your Brand Missing the Mark?

It may not be as put together as you think

A disjointed brand experience is a common pitfall that can dilute your message and diminish customer engagement. Our Brand Cohesion Scorecard is designed to offer a detailed assessment through a series of questions and rating criteria, focusing on the critical aspects of your brand's presence.

  • Evaluate your visual identity's consistency across logos, colors, typography, and design.
  • Assess the clarity and impact of your messaging, advertising, and content.
  • Rate your overall customer experience, from product interaction to customer service.
  • Measure your community engagement efforts and their effectiveness in building a loyal audience.
  • And much more!

  • Insights into each element of your brand's visual identity and messaging
  • An understanding of how your customer experience and community engagement shape brand perception
  • Actionable steps to unify and strengthen your brand across all platforms
  • Strategies to enhance brand trust, loyalty, and engagement
  • A roadmap for implementing improvements for long-term success

Take Your Brand to New Heights

By diving deep into our Brand Cohesion Scorecard, you will gain:

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Brand Identity Experts

This insightful scorecard comes from the minds at Social Circle, where our expertise in crafting cohesive brand strategies transforms businesses. Led by Jacinta, our CEO & Founder, we leverage extensive experience to diagnose and enhance brand cohesion.

Jacinta has guided numerous businesses to revitalize their brand identity, ensuring every element from visual design to customer interaction works in harmony. Her strategic approach not only elevates immediate brand perception but lays the groundwork for enduring growth and success.

Under her direction, businesses transition from fragmented to flawless in their market presentation, captivating the eyes of their target audience.

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With our Brand Cohesion Scorecard, you're not just assessing; you're taking the first step towards a more unified and impactful brand presence. It's an indispensable tool for anyone aiming to refine their brand's consistency and effectiveness.

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Turn your brand from disjointed to harmonious. 

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