15 Productive Things to Do When Business is Slow
15 productive things to do


15 Productive Things to Do When Business is Slow

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During these uncertain times it’s easy to get discouraged when business slows down. However, this is also a great opportunity for us as business owners to focus on some of the things that tend to fall by the wayside when things are super busy.


Here’s 15 Productive Things to Do When Business is Slow:

1.) Conduct a Social Media Audit:

During the busy day to day it’s easy to forget to update profiles on social networks that you seldom use. Now’s a great time to make sure that all of your social channels are updated with current profile photos, your latest elevator pitch, and any links to new freebies or promotions.

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2.) Update Old Blog Posts:

Information changes rapidly so even if you published a blog post a couple of months ago there’s a good chance that information has become outdated. And a bonus point – updating your blog post is actually great from your SEO and will improve your rankings.

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3.) Organize Your Finances:

If doing accounting is one of your least favorite activities, this one is often easy to put on the back-burner. Whether it’s cleaning out your receipt folder, organizing invoices or filing your taxes now’s a great time to get your books in order.


4.) Learn Something New:

Remember that course you were super excited about but never got around to finishing it?? Now’s a great time to go back and finish any unfinished courses or get caught up on your webinar queue.

Motivational Quote - Learn Something New

5.) Read a Book:

Similar to those unfinished courses, you likely have a list of books you’ve been wanting to read but never got around to. Now’s a great time to revisit that list and learn some new tactics you can apply to your business. Looking for a good book to read? Check out my friend @nataliebardo‘s list of 100 Best Personal Development Books.


6.) Find a New Podcast:

Similar to books, there’s a ton of great podcasts out there but there never seems to be enough hours in the day to listen to them. Now’s a great time to capitalize on your free time and find a few new podcasts to listen to. Shameless plug: If you’re looking for a new podcast check out Hustle with Purpose.

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7.) Adjust Your Business Goals:

One of the most frustrating things about a period of uncertainty is not being certain about what goals are still attainable. Now’s a good time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize your goals. Whether it’s adjusting timelines on sales targets or carving out some time to work on that book you’ve always wanted to write.

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8.) Follow-up with Contacts:

Did you meet someone at a networking event earlier this year but never got around to meeting up for coffee or lunch? Now’s a great time to reach out and schedule a virtual hang session.


9.) Organize Your Files:

If you tend to save things to your desktop of miscellaneous folders (GUILTY) when you’re busy now’s a great time to get those files organized. It will save you lots of headaches in the long run!

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10.) Back Up Important Files:

Once you’ve organized your files it’s probably a good idea to backup your files. Yes, I know… everythings on the cloud! But the reality, we’re living in uncertain times and backing up important files on an additional web server or a hard drive is never a bad idea!


11.) Join TikTok:

If you’ve been putting it off and are ready to see what all the fuss is about now’s a great time to join TikTok. Warning, it’s addictive…


12.) Get to Inbox Zero:

As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing more satisfying that inbox zero. If you have a backlog of emails in your inbox now’s a great time to finally clean up your inbox and keep it that way!


13.) Update Your Website:

One major lesson from this crisis has been how important digital communications are. Our world is more web based than ever now and it’s a good chance it will stay that way. If you’ve been putting your website on the back burner now’s a great time to update and optimize your website.


14.) Hire and Train a Virtual Assistant:

If many of these suggestions sound good to you but you still can’t make your way out of your Netflix coma, now’s a great time to hire and train a virtual assistant. Bonus – many people are looking for extra work these days and you’ll sleep better knowing you’re helping someone else during a time of need.

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15.) Take a Break:

I know I poked a lot of fun at Netflix during this post, but sometimes we all just need a break. As business owners we tend to constantly push ourselves to achieve more. However, there are major benefits to taking a break. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying some well deserved downtime.

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