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9 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Website

Are you frustrated by a lack of sales and leads from your website? Especially now, when connection, sharing, and selling online has suddenly become so vital? Whether you’re in DIY mode or looking to work with a professional web designer it’s incredibly important that your website contains the right functionality. Your website is a lot like have a virtual assistant that working for you 24/7 however if your website isn’t properly optimized it actually can work against you.

Here are nine tips to help you instantly improve your website and start gaining more traction and website conversions.


1.) Sell the solution not the problem

Show the value of your product or service. Talk about your audience and potential customers and demonstrate how you’re the solution to the problem. Addressing your visitors challenges and struggles evokes emotion which leads to action! This works 10x better than simply stating who you are and your service or product.


2.) Highlight your personality

Establish trust through a polished, professional design and a powerful “about page”. It’s easy to assume that your “about page” it’s just a place to copy and paste your professional bio. This couldn’t be further from the truth. People buy from people they trust so it’s important to use your “about page” to communicate who you are, why you do it, and share your personality. Looking for design inspiration? Check out this about page.


3.) Include social proof.

Don’t be afraid to brag a little! Testimonials are a great way to instill trust in potential buyers. You can also highlight results your clients have received by sharing case studies or design projects. Features on a podcast or blog? Add a “featured” section to your about or home page. This is a great way to build credibility with website visitors and improve your website.


4.) Make it seamless

Give visitors a clear and easy way to buy from you or take the next step in the booking process. If your primary way of booking clients is through discovery calls, make sure that your website has the right technology for website visitors to seamlessly book an appointment.


5.) Use high quality images

I can not stress this one enough! You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. That couldn’t be more true for your website. During my design process, I professionally source and curate high quality images that reflect my client’s brand and values.

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6.) Keep it consistent

Having a consistent color scheme is key if you want to improve your website. You should typically use one dominant color in logos, marketing collateral, etc and have one to two complimentary colors for CTA’s, links, and secondary text. It’s also important to use a neutral color for backgrounds.


7.) Easy Navigation

It’s important to keep the navigation of your website straightforward and simple. You should have a primary site navigation at the header of your website as well as deeper navigation placed at the footer of your website. Additionally. you want to make it easy for website visitors to quickly navigate from page to page and access the “home” page.


8.) Call to Action

This is the money-maker, right here! One of the biggest mistakes I see with websites is a lack of clear call to actions. You can’t just assume that website visitors will know what to do. Make the next steps clear by providing a relevant call to action on each section of your website.


9.) Great copy

Focusing on the design elements to improve your website and not paying attention to the website copy is a major mistake. Every single line of your copy on your website should help visitors accomplish or learn something. Tone and style are crucial when it comes to your website copy. It’s important to use your “customers voice” to show your visitors you speak their language and understand their problems.

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