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How to Create Pins That Boost Your Pinterest Traffic

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Congratulations! You have been working hard on your Pinterest account. You joined relevant Pinterest group boards, you put up an attractive business logo, but now you have reached the difficult point – Creating viral pins to boost your Pinterest traffic. Anyone can create a pin, but do you have what it takes to create viral pins that will bring traffic to your board? Of course, you do! With the steps below, you will be a Pinterest pinning pro in no time!

Designing Your Pins

Fun fact: 80% of Pinterest pins are re-pins. This is exciting news because it means that as an entrepreneur, you will have a chance to create the other 20% of pins that are brand new content. New pins that will not only bring more traffic to your Pinterest board, but also to your website or blog.

By creating new content, you will be building your brand, creating resources for your community, and gaining traction on Pinterest. However, to see these benefits, you must produce high-quality pins.

Below are a few standard Do’s and Don’ts for designing pins:

– Do pin from the original source itself, like your website.

– Do add a detailed description and link when adding a pin.

– Do make sure you have permission to use images.

– Don’t make pins too long; The ideal ratio for a pin is 2:3.

– Don’t use blurry or poor quality images.

By following these suggestions, you will create eye-catching pins that will beg to be re-pinned!

Branding Your Pins

Once you have decided what content you want to pin, the next step is to brand your pins. You want to create a scheme that people will be attracted to and want to re-pin on their boards. The most important part of branding your pin is adding your logo. Make sure to add your logo to every single new pin that you create. This is important because it allows people to easily identify your pins.

You will also want to decide on two or three main colors for your pins. Like putting on a logo, using the same colors repeatedly will help your followers identify your pins. Likewise, also use the same fonts on each pin.

When it comes to the style of photos for your pins, you will also want to keep the photos similar to each other. Depending on your brand, it may be a good idea to pick a certain filter to put on all your pins. Creating a standard template for your pins will allow for easier discovery and more re-pins, instantly boosting your Pinterest traffic.

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Kate Danielle, Design with Canva

Creating Headlines

Once you have a strong image and a branded theme in place, it is time to create headlines for your pins. We aren’t talking about any old headline, though. You want headlines that grab your readers’ attention and scream for a call to action. Headlines might not seem important, but they are. If people aren’t attracted to your headline, they will most likely just scroll right by without a second thought. They will not take the time to look at your pin, let alone re-pin it.

How can you create a strong and effective headline? Luckily, it is not as hard as it seems. First, always keep your audience in mind. What information are they interested in? What words or phrases will draw them to your pin? Catering to your audience’s wants and needs will ensure more Pinterest traffic.

Second, keep the headline short, but operational. Feel free to broaden your vocabulary and use exciting words that others in your industry may not use. Don’t be afraid to consult a theasaurus to spice up your words!


Enabling Rich Pins

Rich Pins are a great upgrade to your standard pin. For those unfamiliar with Rich Pins, they provide additional information directly on your pin, like a recipe, product, or an article. But, how does enabling Rich Pins boost your Pinterest traffic?

People love when things are made easier for them. With Product Pins, you show real-time pricing on your pin, including availability and where to purchase your product. If you’re pinning an article on your website, the Article Pin allows pinners to save stories that they are interested in. The Article Pin features a headline, author, and short description of the article.

However, Pinterest does not let anyone and everyone create Rich Pins. There is a process that must be followed to enable Rich Pins. You will need add metadata to your site’s content and then apply for Rich Pins. The Rich Pins will need to be verified before they show up on Pinterest.

Utilizing the “Pin It” Button

The “Pin It” button is another great way to boost your Pinterest traffic. The button makes it simple for people to save ideas from around the internet, like a favorite recipe or a picture from across the world. How does this benefit your brand? The “Pin It” button allows your followers to save your pictures, videos, and other content on their Pinterest boards.

By enabling the “Pin It” button on your website, you make it super easy for your followers to create a pin featuring your content. Your followers will simply click the “Pin It” button, which will in turn save the pin to Pinterest. Your content will be instantly thrust in front of their followers, creating more traffic for you, effortlessly!

As you can see, creating pins that boost your Pinterest traffic doesn’t have to be complicated. By designing and branding a pin with a recognizable theme, you will make it simple for your audience to find your content in a sea of pins. Creating strong, effective headlines will also bring Pinterest traffic your way. Finally, simply utilizing the “Pin It” button and Rich Pins make it easier than ever for your followers to pin your content, bringing in more traffic with each pin. Once these ideas are in place, it is time for you to sit back, relax, and watch the Pinterest traffic head your way!



the definitive guide to pinterest banner ad

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