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I'm Jacinta, your strategic marketing partner with nearly 15 years of experience with brands like Disney and Nike. As an entrepreneur who has helped over 150 business owners grow, I understand the challenges you face and am ready to take your business to the next level.

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15 Places to Get Beautifully Styled Stock Photos

There is no doubt about it. The most successful brands know the best way to tell their story is through beautiful, professional imagery. One of the keys to having a well-designed website is having high quality photos that reflect your brand and resonate with your core audience. The best websites achieve this by using a mix of professional photos along with carefully curated stock photos.

Free stock photo resources are great for quick design projects; however, if you are looking for polished and professional stock photos that will set your brand apart and be unique, there are 15 resources you should be using to source beautiful stock photos for your brand.


  1. Elevae Visuals (https://www.elevaevisuals.com/) if you are looking for professional stock photos for your sophisticated, powerhouse brand, Elevae Visuals is where you should be browsing. This site also offers a monthly subscription that gives users access to marketing coaching and a community of other brand builders and influences. Entrepreneurs can even set up their own custom curation based on their brand keywords, colors, and imagery.


  1. Sourced (https://www.sourcedco.com/) Wedding professionals must sift through thousands of stock photos on generic sites to find what they are looking for, but Sourced features content curated specially for wedding coordinators, caterers, photographers, venue owners, florists, and more. Every wedding professional knows how important stylized photos are to telling a wedding story. Using Sourced, wedding professionals can access hundreds of already styled stock photos.


  1. Styled Stock Society (http://styledstocksociety.com/) Online business owners need to have Styled Stock Society on their radar. This site for entrepreneurs only requires membership; however, members get access to hundreds of professional stock photos. The site also has some of the best feminine stock images and if you do not want to buy into a membership, there are curated image packages available for purchase.


  1. Pixistock (www.pixistock.com) Social media imagery needs to be eye-catching and attention grabbing. Business owners and marketers can find exactly what they need for their Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media accounts. The site is also geared towards female-owned businesses and has a membership of more than 5,000 women. You can find some of the best feminine stock photos on Pixistock.


  1. Atelier 21 (https://atelier21co.com/stock-library/) If you’re tired of overused stock images, Atelier 21 is an exciting option. From lifestyle to business-themed images, their library is packed with versatile photos that can be used for different types of content – be it for your blogs, online courses, or social media posts.


  1. Stock Lane (https://stocklane.co/) The editorial professional stock photos from Stock Lane are curated from the best photographers for powerhouse female business owners. They understand that strong women do not always need to be wearing a business suit. Each image is meant to evoke an emotional response and selected with diverse women in mind.


  1. Editorial Stock Images (https://editorialstockimages.com/) Tired of shifting through thousands of uninspiring stock photos? Get access to thousands of unique, high-quality, standout stock images, videos and mockups that save time, stand out, and look great wherever you live online.


  1. Create Her Stock (https://createherstock.com/) Described as a grassroots resource and digital “pantry” for stock imagery that can be used for lifestyle, business, and everyday content creation for bloggers, creatives, and growing influencers. This site also offers graphics tools and styled mockups. Users can access individual images or collections to keep your branding consistent.


  1. Styled Stock House (https://styledstockhouse.com/) Styled Stock House specializes in pretty and feminine stock photos. The collection is curated and updated by Kate Max herself using authentic props, textures, natural lighting, and a modern, fresh twist. Styled Stock House is the best place to get unique photos straight from the creator.


  1. Wellness Stock Shop (https://wellnessstockshop.com/) Entrepreneurs in the wellness and health niche can find natural, professional stock photos through the Wellness Stock Shop. Users can sign up for photo plans or purchase individual images. There are even freebies available and social samplers to help you start reimagining your social media impact.


  1. Inspired Stock Shop (https://inspiredstockshop.com/) You want your images to feel inspired and that is exactly what Inspired Stock Photos seeks to achieve with their spiritual stock photos. The photos curated for this collection are geared toward wellness, and holistic niches guided by spiritual women.


  1. She Bold Stock (https://www.sheboldstock.com/) Women business owners who want bold images to build a confident brand can check out She Bold Stock. You can download 20 freebies to get started and see if She Bold Stock is the right tool for your brand. Membership plans are affordable, and all the stock photos are created by brand and product photographer Jasmine Hunt.


  1. Haute Stock (https://hautestock.co/) Businesses with a brand story that focus on simplicity, clean and elegant imagery, and cohesiveness can find the perfect styled stock photos in their members-only library. You will also have access to branding elements, social media graphics, content calendars and marketing guides.


  1. Her Creative Studio (https://www.hercreative-studio.com/) When you are building a first-class brand, you need to create a storytelling brand that is chic, elegant, and curated just for your ideal audience. Women entrepreneurs that are marketing to other women will find relatable, powerful, and beautiful imagery through Her Creative Studio.


  1. Ivory Mix (https://ivorymix.com/) You will get more than amazing professional stock photos from Ivory Mix. This site also offers masterclasses for social media marketing, free stock images and marketing strategies. The premium styled stock photos at Ivory Mix are updated monthly including templates and workshops.

Looking through dozens of stock photo websites can be overwhelming and often a disaster on your marketing budget. Finding a site that is in alignment with your brand is key to having consistency and conveying your story clearly. When you can download content straight from the creators you are also guaranteed to have the most unique, styled stock photos that will set your brand apart from the competitors. Do not be afraid to start developing your brand and level up your business by using the best digital marketing tactics such as professional stock photos!


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