How to Write a Pinterest Bio That Attracts Followers
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How to Write a Pinterest Bio That Attracts Followers

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Did you know that I get 60% of my traffic through Pinterest? This wasn’t always the case. A few months ago, I got serious about my Pinterest strategy bio and started using it as a tool to generate more blog traffic. With a few simple updates, I was able to create a Pinterest bio that attracts more followers to my profile and blog content. Here’s How to Write a Pinterest Bio That Attracts Followers:

Explain Who You Are & What You Do

Your business name is your calling card to the world. It’s the one thing that people may remember about your product or service. When people decide to do a search, whether, on Pinterest or Google, your business name will populate in the search box. Your audience should be able to search for your business name and in seconds have your profile easily accessible to them. Since Pinterest is a search engine it’s also important to include what you do in your business name.  Pinners will often search for new users to follow by using keywords like “travel blogger”. It’s important your occupation is reflected in your business so you get found in these searches and attract new followers.

TIP: If you are trying to update your profile name on the website, you’ll notice that there is a 30 character limit for your profile name. To get around this character limit, simply update your profile name by using the Pinterest mobile app.

pinterest bio that attracts followers

Search Results for Travel Blogger on Pinterest

Showcase Your Unique Personality

It’s important that you pick a photo for your Pinterest bio that reflects your personality. If you’re a blogger or more easily recognized by your picture than your logo, you’ll want to choose an image with a clear background that shows your entire face or a portion of your face so that readers may connect with what they’re seeing. People are naturally attracted to other people, so it’s best to opt for a photo of yourself over a logo when possible.

Take for example Nicole of Treasure Tromp. The fun and whimsical photos of her shades an umbrella convey her cheerful personality as well as her brands. She’s clearly a travel and lifestyle that’s going places and having a lot of fun doing it!

pintrest bio that attracts followers

Pinterest Profile for Nicole of Treasure Tromp

Craft Your 160-Char Elevator Pitch

The toughest and most important part of creating a Pinterest bio that attracts followers works for your business is using those 160 characters to convey your personality and inspiration. It’s important to write a Pinterest bio that makes you seem clever, hip, and fun without coming across as cliché. If your business is hip and caters to a younger audience, you can include emojis or hashtags.

For example, Karmen Kendrick, lets pinner know exactly what she does in her Pinterest bio. Hers reads, “I help women launch beautiful brands and strategic websites that get results.” In those few short words, we know all we need to. She’s a web designer, who works primarily with female entrepreneurs, and she delivers websites to her clients that produce results. Can you guess where her pins are heading?

pinterest bio that attracts followers

Pinterest Profile for Karmen Kendrick Design Studio

Include SEO-friendly Keywords & Hashtags

You’ve probably heard by now, perhaps ad nauseam, that Pinterest is actually a visual search engine, not a social media channel. Since people find you and your content by searching Pinterest it’s incredibly important that your bio contains SEO-friendly keywords. When you write a Pinterest bio, it’s important to keep your bio in a conversational tone while injecting frequently searched keywords that will get your profile noticed by your target audience.

The best place to figure out which keywords have a large search volume on Pinterest is to simply use the Pinterest search bar to do some research. As you’ll notice in the example below, I searched for the term “urban gardening” which returned pins that have that keyword somewhere in the title or description, however, Pinterest also provided related keywords for this term. Once you understand which keywords are frequently being used in your niche include a couple of them in your bio.

Include SEO-friendly Keywords & Hashtags

Search Results for Urban Gardening


Link to Your Website & Verify It

Your Pinterest Bio provides a prominent place to link to your website. By linking to your website you’re able to provide brand awareness and drive organic traffic. Linking to your website can help your audience find exactly where to buy the items that your company sells or just to give them a chance to find out more about you. Maybe they really love how well you pin DIY projects and they want to see your official DIY blog.

Finally, you’ll also want to make sure to verify your website with Pinterest. Adding your account to Pinterest gives you access to valuable business features. For example, you gain access to deeper analytics on Pinterest and your website logo will be on all Pins from your site, prompting users to visit your page. You can easily do this by following the “claim website” instructions in the Pinterest settings tab.

Welp, that’s it! 🙌🏾 I hope these improvements will help you create a Pinterest bio that attracts followers and ultimately brings more traffic to your blog or website!

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