Pinterest SEO: 9 Pinterest SEO Tips to Start Using Now
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Pinterest SEO: 9 Pinterest SEO Tips to Start Using Now

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Did you know that there are over 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest? Pinterest is a search engine which is why it’s so important to make sure that the content you produce for the platform is  Pinterest SEO friendly. Here are 9 Pinterest SEO tips you need to start doing today: 

Understanding the Pinterest search algorithm

One of the keys to understanding Pinterest SEO is understanding how your content gets served on Pinterest. When you first pin an image it gets shown to your followers first. Through the following tab, Pinterest can gauge how well the pin performs. Based on how well the pin performs, Pinterest will then show it to others through searches and recommended pins in their home feed.

How to increase pin quality

It’s incredibly important to make sure your pin is engaging and relevant to your followers since their response to your pin will signal Pinterest as to whether or not it’s a high-quality pin that users will positively respond to. Additionally, the content should be equally appealing to users that may not be followers, however, are interested in a similar target or niche. Pin quality is determined by the popularity and engagement level of your pins. If a lot of people close up, click through, save, or comment on your pin, Pinterest will view it as a high-quality pin.

Keep in mind that Pinterest looks at all versions of your pin when determining pin quality. If you decide to pin an image to more than one board, it’s important that you pin the image to the most relevant board first since that will help determine how Pinterest categories the image. So if you save a pin to multiple boards, Pinterest will add up the number of re-pins and saves from each version of the pin. Additionally, as of 2018, Pinterest has begun aggregating comments from all pins. Now when you pin something multiple times, comments will show up on your pin from other pin versions.  

Another key Pinterest SEO factor is domain quality. Domain quality refers to the quality of your website. Pinterest can see how popular pins from your website are, and it learns whether your site is a source of high-quality content over time. In order to increase your domain ranking, it’s important that you convert to a Pinterest business account and verify your website.

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How to find popular search terms on Pinterest

The vast majority of Pinterest users rely on the search bar to find pins related to a specific topic or niche. It’s important that you understand which keywords are being frequently searched for on Pinterest and that you optimize your content to include any keywords that are relevant to your product or business.

There are several different tactics you can use to find the keywords that are being frequently searched for on Pinterest. The best place to figure out which keywords have the largest search volume is to simply use the Pinterest search bar to do some research. As you’ll notice in the example below, I searched for the term “wedding ideas” which returned pins that have that keyword somewhere in the title or description, however, Pinterest also provides related keywords for this term.

How to find popular search terms on Pinterest

Guided Search Bar on Pinterest

Based on the search terms provided at the top of the navigation bar for some more specific keywords that are being searched for on Pinterest include “wedding ideas on a budget”, “rustic wedding ideas”, and “outdoor wedding ideas” to name a few. You can click on the arrow on the right-hand side to continue to get additional keywords related to “wedding ideas”.  

How to find popular search terms on Pinterest

Wedding ideas search results on Pinterest

Another place to find keywords on Pinterest is by researching Pinterest Categories. You can drill down in Pinterest Categories to get specific keywords related to the topic that you are researching. In the example below, I drilled down to “wedding favors” to get specific keywords such as “wedding souvenir”, “beach wedding favors”, “wedding favours”, and more.

Another place to find keywords on Pinterest is by researching Pinterest Categories.

Pinterest Categories results page

Adding keywords to your Pinterest bio

Since people find you and your content by searching Pinterest it’s incredibly important that your bio contains SEO-friendly keywords. When you write a Pinterest bio, it’s important to keep your bio in a conversational tone while injecting frequently searched keywords that will get your profile noticed by your target audience.

Adding keywords to your Pinterest bio

Pinterest Profile for Lindsay of Cotter Crunch

Lindsay of Cotter Crunch uses the keyword “gluten-free” both in her profile name and bio. This makes it easy for users searching for gluten-free recipes to find her profile. Once you understand which keywords are frequently being used niche it’s important to include them in your bio.

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Adding SEO-friendly board descriptions

SEO friendly board descriptions are key to getting your board to appear in the Pinterest search results. To add a board description, click on your board and then click on the little pencil at the top left-hand corner. The box you see below will pop up.

You want to fill your descriptions with keywords that people are using to search for content on Pinterest. In the example below, I searched for the keyword “blogging” to see what search terms people on Pinterest are using frequently. I added several relevant terms to my “blogging for beginners” board description, including “blogging for money”, “blogging tips”, and “starting a blog”. Please keep in mind, it’s important to still keep the board description in a conversational tone and avoid keyword stuffing board descriptions. Admittedly, this Pinterest SEO tip takes a little longer to complete, however, it’s also an effective way to boost your blog traffic.


SEO Friendly Board Description

SEO Friendly Board Description from Jacinta Grand, Social Circle

Pinterest launched board sections in late 2017, to help pinners better organize their boards. If you have boards that have an overwhelming amount of pinned images, adding sections to your board can be a great way to add some organization to your board. I recently added sections to my “Pinterest marketing” board so that board followers are able to easily find specific content related to Pinterest tips for bloggers.

Use Pinterest Board Sections to Organize Pins

Pinterest Board for Jacinta Grand, Social Circle

Writing your pin descriptions for SEO

The most important Pinterest SEO tip is to add keywords in pin descriptions. When determining which keywords to enter into your pin description, think of what the pinners might be looking for. For example, you want to make sure that the pin description describes the items in the pin but also the overall theme of the post. It’s also important to use Rich Pins whenever possible. Rich pins display your website name and other important details like price, availability, and location on your pin.

Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen inserts the keywords “chocolate chip cookies”, “gluten-free”, and “flourless” into the pin description of her pin for chocolate chip cookies.

Writing your pin descriptions for SEO

Pin Description by Monique Volz of Ambitious Kitchen

What makes a good pin description

What Makes a Good Pin Descripton

Source: Pinterest Best Practices Guide

Using hashtags on Pinterest

When you add hashtags to your pin description, it’s indexed with other pins that contain the same hashtag. Hashtags are a new way to reach users interested in your content. When a user searches a hashtag the freshest pins with that hashtag will appear at the top of the feed. When a user searches the same phrase without the hashtag, it will pull up the original search results page.

So how do hashtag affect Pinterest SEO? Hashtags are clickable and searchable. However, unlike the rest of Pinterest, pins are shown in order of ‘freshest first’ rather than ‘best first’. This means you should only add hashtags to fresh pins, so don’t worry about updating your older pins with hashtags. Pinterest recommends using no more than 20 hashtags per pin.

Using Hashtags in Pin Descriptions

Pin Description from Cathy of Poor Little It Girl

How to use group boards to increase engagement

Group boards are a great tool for engaging with other users on Pinterest and increasing your contents share-ability. You can create a group board by inviting people who follow your boards to also become contributors. For example, if you have a summer cocktail recipes board, you can invite followers to also become contributors. Collaborators can be added by email in Pinterest board settings.

How to Use Group Boards to Increase Engagement

Additionally, group boards often encourage contributors to share one another’s content. This leads to more saves, re-pins, and comments thus improving the pins distribution on Pinterest. In fact, many have cited Pinterest group boards for being a valuable tool for increasing traffic to their website!

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Being active on Pinterest

Another factor, Pinterest uses to determine how they distribute content on the platform is pinner quality.  Pinner quality is largely based on how well your content is received. It’s important to pin content that’s high quality and receives high engagement like comments and saves.

You can find popular pins for your boards by searching the Popular category on Pinterest. is another good resources to see recent pin activity. The follower tab also serves as a good resource for finding quality content from the people you follow on Pinterest. Often when you engage with other people’s content on Pinterest they will return the favor and engage with one of your pins.

Welp, that’s it! I hope you found these Pinterest SEO strategies valuable and have success in implementing them. Let me know in the comments what other Pinterest SEO tactics you’ve found success with!


the definitive guide to pinterest banner ad

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