The Best Pinterest Group Boards to Boost Your Traffic
pinterest group boards


The Best Pinterest Group Boards to Boost Your Traffic

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Have you been diligently pinning away on Pinterest, but have been failing to get your pins and ideas in front of the right people? Never fear – Pinterest group boards are here! Pinterest group boards are a great way to get your ideas and website in front of more people without doing a lot of work or wasting a lot of time. Here are 5 tips to help you pick the right group boards to join on Pinterest:


What is a Pinterest Group Board?

A Pinterest group board differs from a traditional Pinterest board. With the traditional board, users can pin and arrange their ideas and images to a themed board. (For example, a user may save all their holiday-themed pins in a “Holiday” board.) The pins on personal boards only come from the owner themselves. There is no collaboration.

The group board is like a traditional board, except owners can invite other Pinterest users to collaborate on the board. If set up correctly, any group member can also invite other users to the board. (However, some board owners may prevent this.)

Pinterest users following the group board will show up as a follower of the board’s owner only. However, all pins to the group board will show up in the feed of everyone who follows it. For example, if you join a group board with 50,000 followers, any pins that you add to that group will show up in your followers’ feeds, plus in the feed of the owner’s 50,000 followers.

Corie Clark maintains several group boards for the different topics she enjoys pinning about. She takes it a step further by designing unique cover images for each of her group boards making them easy to identify for pinners looking for group boards to join.

group pinterest boards

Group Pinterest Boards for Corie Clark

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Why Should I Join Group Boards?

There is one main reason to join a Pinterest group board and it is a big one – More exposure for your brand. As mentioned in the earlier section, by adding your pins to a group board, you will get them in front of a larger audience. If your pins are linked back to your website or blog, you will see increased traffic on your site.

Another bonus of a group board? You will have a huge source of relevant, quality content to work with. If the members follow the rules and pin appropriate information, you will have an endless source of content to save or re-pin.

Now that you know what Pinterest group boards are and how they can help your brand, the next step is to find appropriate group boards to join. There are a couple of ways that you can do this.

The first way is the standard search. You can simply search Pinterest for your interest(s). Once the results pop up, change the options from “All Pins” to “Boards”. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to see if the boards are collaborative or not. You will have to click on each board to see if there are multiple users contributing to the board. This method can be both time-consuming and frustrating.

The second method of finding a group board is by eyeing up other Pinterest profiles in your industry. By doing this, you will see what group boards your competition is using. You can tell if it is a group board by looking at the profile picture circle. If there is more than one user, the picture will be sectioned off.

Pingroupie is a quick and easy way to find Pinterest group boards. On Pingroupie, you can find group boards by category. Once you find a group board that you are interested in, you can see the number of pins, number of followers, average repins, and the date of the last pin. All the groups on Pingroupie have at least two collaborators with 10 pins, 500 followers, and have been active within the last two months.

pingroupie screenshot

Screenshot from PinGroupie

You can also use other social media platforms to find Pinterest boards. There are many Facebook groups regarding Pinterest group boards. While you can use these groups to find new group boards, you may also find other helpful information in the groups, such as tips and tricks to boost your pins.

Search Results for Pinterest Group Boards

Search Results for Pinterest Group Boards

How Can I Pin to a Group Board?

Much like a regular Pinterest board, pinning to a group board is very straightforward. Some Pinterest users tend to go old-school by manually pinning to the board. If you want to create a new pin, open the board and click “Add a Pin”. When you want to repin, use the drop-down menu and find the group board that you wish to use.

Tailwind is a popular Pinterest tool for many users. Tailwind offers the Smart Calendar, which can help maximize the best times of days for pins to be posted. With Tailwind, you can use the Smart Calendar and/or manually select your own times to pin to the group board. Tailwind also offers analytics that can assist with your marketing objectives.


What is Group Board Etiquette?

While you may be eager to start posting and promoting your pins, you should first read over the group rules. Some boards have limits on the number of daily pins and what content they allow. You will also want to avoid spamming the board, as this may result in being banned.

You will also want to look around the board to get a feel for the style. Add pins that fit with the board’s message. It is also a good idea to like, repin, or comment on some of the existing pins on your own board. When repining to the board, check the source link before you post. You want to contribute high-quality pins, not ones with links that are either broken or lead to spam.

Some common “Don’ts” on group boards? Don’t pin off-topic pins. For instance, if you are on a travel blog group board, avoid posting your favorite smoothie recipe. Also, don’t pin just your own content. While it can be tempting to post things directly about your business, you always want to put the group’s best interest over your company’s best interest. Pinterest group boards are about the group and not about individuals.

Pinterest group board etiquette

Group Board Rules for Wanderlust Travel Inspiration

Joining a Pinterest group board can be a great decision for your brand. However, in order to get the best results, make sure you are connecting with the right type of group. Once you find a popular and relevant group board, be sure to follow the rules. Set a schedule for quality pins to post and watch your brand awareness explode!


the definitive guide to pinterest banner ad

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