My Favorite Apps to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories


My Favorite Apps to Create Beautiful Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are all the rage. Paramount to that excitement, new  apps are popping up every day. The growing list of Instagram Stories apps offers creators an easy way to step up their Stories and stand out from the crowd.

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you already know that I’m an app-junkie. So, it will come as no surprise that I’ve tested out a TON of these Instagram Stories apps. Today I’m sharing my favorite apps for creating epic Instagram Stories:


Instagram Stories Apps #1: Add a Clean and Minimalist Theme with Unfold

Many companies are using Instagram Stories as an ad space for new products or to share recent blog posts. When doing so, it’s important to make this content branded and cohesive – hence, an app like Unfold. Unfold is an app with minimalist, functional templates to be used for Instagram Stories. Inspired by print media, it’s especially desirable for brands looking to market their products or services in a captivating way.

Using the app, you can also save your Instagram Stories to use later, preview what your content will look like before it goes live, or export the file as a single image to use as shareable content in your feed or to send directly to customers. Great for streamlining the content on your Instagram Stories, Unfold can be used with not only Instagram, but Facebook and Snapchat too. You’ll be able to share consist, on-brand images across all social media platforms using this app. If you’re a minimalist who loves unassuming design, Unfold is available for free from the app store.

unfold instagram stories app

Screenshot from Unfold App


Apps for Instagram Stories #2: Create Movable Graphics with Cinemagraph

One of the most fun (and most popular) features of Instagram Stories is the boomerang. Boomerangs are short video clips that play on a loop going forward and backward again and again. You’ll usually see people using boomerangs while tossing confetti or doing a cartwheel. You know the ones! Well, Cinemagraph creates content similar to a boomerang in that it functions on a loop. But the difference is that only one aspect of the image is moving. Like a still image of someone in front of water, but the water is oscillating in the background. It’s pretty cool.

Made by Fixel, Cinemagraph is what it sounds like – a cinematic photograph. Starting with perfectly still video footage, the program allows you to manipulate certain aspects of that video individually. Essentially, you’re using a video camera to compose a still photo and with Cinemagraph you can adjust what parts of that image you want to be moving and what parts you want to be still.

You can create some really interesting effects using Cinemagraph, like the illusion that the wall behind your CEO is melting. Or you can create movement in the image of a woman’s long hair in the ad for your hair salon. The ideas are limitless. To get Cinemagraph on your mobile devices, you’ll need a Fixel subscription which can be as low as $19.99 a month. There is also a desktop version available which will cost you a little more.

instagram stories app

Screenshot from Cinemagraph App

Instagram Stories Apps #4: Apply Vintage Photo Filters with the 1967 App

Getting photos for your Instagram Stories with that old school look just got easier with the 1967 – Vintage Filters app. This easy-to-use approach to getting 60’s era filters offers many more options than are available on Instagram itself.  You can upload photos into 1967 or take photos right through the app. Crop your photo how you’d like and add one of eleven vintage filters, just like you would on Instagram. If the filter is a bit too much, simply adjust the strength by sliding your finger vertically.

You can download 1967 in the app store for free. You’ll get eleven filters just for downloading. Within the app you’ll have the option to get another 53 more for $0.99. Not a bad deal for a total of 64 filters. If it makes sense to your branding that the photos on your Instagram Stories look vintage and retro, this simple app could be a great investment.

instagram stories app

Screenshot from 1967 – A Vintage Filter

Apps for Instagram Stories #4 – Add Colorful Stickers and Brushstrokes with a Design Kit

One of the biggest trends in the world of Instagram Stories is the use of paintbrushes and stickers overlapping photos and videos. A Design Kit, coming to you from a company called A Color Story, gives these popular features of Instagram stories a facelift.

With a variety of stylized brushes, markers, and pencils, A Design Kit gives you the freedom to draw right on top of images to really make your Instagram Stories personalized. Plus, you can resize your sketches and change their color after they’re made. No need to erase and start again. In addition, the app also offers grid planning and batch editing, making this app a social media marketers dream. With these unique design features, your Instagram Stories are sure to stand out from the pack.

A Design Kit is only available on your mobile devices and it’s free! You’ll get 20 free tools to start upon download.  With in-app purchases, there are over 100 filters and 40 moveable effects. Plus, save custom templates you make based on your previous creations.

instagram stories apps

Screen Shot from A Design Kit

Apps for Instagram Stories #5 – Create Graphics on the go with Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post makes it insanely easy to create graphics and designs on the go. This apps has thousands of Instagram Stories templates to choose from. Other design elements include freestock photos, filters, and fonts to help you create customized Instagram Stories that will align perfectly with your brand. Each tap gives you completely new layout, color palatte, typography style, and filter. Once your desing is completed, it can be easily shared directly to Instagram.

instagram story apps abobe spark

Screenshot from Adobe Spark Post

What’s your experience using the Instagram Stories apps listed above? Are there any other Instagram Stories apps that you love?

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