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How to Find Your Ideal Client on Instagram


How to Find Your Ideal Target Audience on Instagram

When it comes to content, sometimes there are just too many ideas floating around. How will you choose what to post? We can get so overwhelmed trying to talk to everyone through social media that we’re actually not reaching anyone at all.

To avoid this mini panic attack, it’s time to focus by narrowing an audience, finding a niche, and sending out targeted messaging. Here’s how to find your ideal target audience on Instagram and produce content they will love:

Why You Need to Define Your Ideal Target Audience

One of the biggest mistakes social media marketers make is failing to define their ideal target audience. Long story short, if everyone is your customer, no one is your customer. Oftentimes, people are worried that by finding a niche, they’ll be ostracizing anyone outside of those confines. That’s simply not the case.

Instead, think about it as having a focus in order to drive your message. By defining your ideal target audience, you’ll just have a better and clearer message being sent to those you really want to speak to.

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Create a Buyer Persona for Your Brand

Think about the consumer you’re creating your product for. What do they look like? Consider important demographics like age, gender, interests, hobbies, and occupations.

Are you selling an easy dessert cookbook? Then perhaps the buyer persona for your brand are newly married young couples between the ages of 25 and 35 who own homes and follow Tasty on Facebook. Now that’s a target.

It’s important, though, that you’re not just punching underwater here. You don’t want to simply imagine all the billionaires who you hope will love your product and can’t help but to throw money at you. The point is to be realistic. This starts with considering your current customers.

From there, you can pinpoint why those people might like what you’re selling and what messages you can create in order to keep them coming back. At the same time, you can further narrow those demographics to truly capture your ideal target audience.

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Research Your Followers’ Interests

In the age of Instagram and Twitter, we now have a huge database of our followers’ behavior and interests. It’s probably a good idea to use it!

To lock in your ideal followers, again, you’ll want to think about the customers you’ve already got. Check out what your customers are posting about, how they’re spending their time and money, and what hobbies they’re into. Many people post their every move to Instagram, allowing you to see what brands they use and how their interests might fit into your messaging.

On Instagram, there are two major ways to connect with your ideal target audience: using hashtags and locations. Let’s explore both of these methods to see how you can make them work for your brand.

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How to Use Hashtags to Find Ideal Target Audience

There are two things to think about when choosing your Instagram hashtags: what sets you apart as a brand and what your followers are looking for.

So, to answer the first question, decide what your brand and content relate to. Maybe you’re a photographer posting about a special deal on your family portrait packages for the holiday season. Great idea! Now, instead of #photographer or #sale, make it more specific. Try #seattlephotographer or #holidayportraitsale instead.

Then, think about who your ideal followers are and what they might want from your services. Include other things you offer like #seattleheadshots or an industry-related hashtag like the brand of camera you use. You also might want to have a couple of more generic hashtags like #familyphotos and a branded hashtag with your company’s name.

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How to Use Locations to Connect with Your Ideal Audience

Locations on Instagram are another foolproof way to find your ideal target audience. If you’re a small business owner with only one boutique location, then finding customers in your area is going to be essential.

Even if you’re simply posting a fashion shot or a recipe, tag the location of your business in order to attract the locals. Coupled with your killer hashtags, your ideal followers are bound to come flooding in.

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How to Conduct Competitive Research

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. And while no one is suggesting you go and copy what another business is doing, it can’t hurt to check it out. Is there a business that shares your same ideal target audience in a similar industry? What tactics are they using? What can you learn from them about what to do — or what not to do?

You may find that you’re a huge fan of their content, scrambling to write down all these new ideas on targeted messaging. But perhaps you’ll think of an even smaller niche they’ve completely overlooked. Dare to be different but don’t be afraid to get inspired by your competitors.

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Produce Content That Solves Their Problems

Why do we start businesses in the first place? You probably saw the opportunity to fill a gap in the market and you took it, never looking back. Well, use that same logic when it comes to created targeted content. Find the opportunities that others are missing and take them.

In other words, solve your ideal target audience’s problems before they even know they have a problem. To do this, you’ll need to step back and look at the bigger picture. You’ve done the research on demographics and you’ve seen what the competition is up to, now it’s time to really use it.

If someone searches “yoga at Bondi Beach” and you’re a studio in the area, you better have great content ready to capture their attention. Tell them what they should bring to class or other workout styles yogis might be into. Remember, your content is not about you, it’s about your ideal followers.


Some ideas:

🌻 Ask questions before launching a new product to help keep customers feeling involved.

🦄 Hold events for local followers, giving them a chance to see the face of your company.

🍹 Post relevant content asking for nothing in return.

💌 If you’re truly adding value to the lives of your followers, they’ll keep following you, even after they took a yoga class or bought your book.


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