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Brand Spotlight_ Monique Koven


Website Design Project: Monique Koven

Monique Koven is a Certified Trauma Recovery and Resilience Coach. She was diagnosed with chronic PTSD and anxiety as a result of childhood trauma and spent decades trying to find the right therapeutic modality to heal. Today, Monique has recovered from PTSD and generalized anxiety and now coaches others to fully embrace life and stop being held back by past traumas.

Monique previously had several web designs however was looking for a website that shared her story of overcoming her childhood trauma as well as allowed website visitors to make an informed decison about whether or not trauma recovery was right for them.

Logo Design

Website Design Project: Monique Koven 1

Logos are an effective branding tool to build your business’ brand identity in the market. If your logo can convey your business message effectively and in an impressive way, it can help you easily create a unique identity. It will also help you build a strong persona for your business.

Monique was looking to update her branding and web design to match the updated logo she recently invested in. It was important to choose fonts and imagery that reflected her new signature logo and allowed for a cohesive website design.


Brand Mood Board

Brand Mood Board

As a next step, I created a brand mood board in order to develop a color palatte for Monique’s brand. During this process, I also selected images to complement Monique’s new color palatte. It was also important to choose images that reflected Monique’s inspirational tone of helping individuals most past past trauma.



Quality copywriting goes hand-in-hand with beautiful design. Ideally, the two complement each other and work in unison to present the image desired.

It was extremely important that Monique’s website clearly commuicated (1) Monique’s story (2) her experience and background (3) what trauma recovery means (4) and provided testimonials from clients that benefitted from Monique’s trauma coaching. Since trauma recovery is a sensitve topic it was also important to Monique that she was using messaging that her audience would find supportive and comforting.

I provided Monique with an website content outline which included questions for each page of Monique’s website. Once Monique completed the website content outline, I used her inputs to create finished SEO ready website copy.


Home Page Design

When developing a website it’s critical to create a site that converts site visitors. While Monique had done some great DIY work on her website she was missing some key functionality to convert website visitors into customers. Monique Koven’s home page was updated to include a header graphic that would entice website visitors to learn more about Monique’s story.

Additionally, the home page was broken into sections to highlight specific actions. We used personalized call to actions like “read my story, “work witm me”, and “listen now” to excite website visitors into taking action. Additonally, the minimal design and white space allows these call to actions to stand out even if visitors are just doing a quick scroll.

Web Design Project Monique Koven Home Page

Client Testimonial

client testimonial

“Jacinta truly listens in order to understand what you’re looking to create. She has great vision and an aesthetic eye for beauty and purpose behind the creation.”

Monique Koven



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