7 Awesome Tools to Track Instagram Followers
7 Awesome Tools to Track INstagram Followers


7 Awesome Tools to Track Instagram Followers

As you embark on growing your Instagram followers, it’s important to track both follows and unfollows. While the native Instagram app doesn’t offer an easy way to manage your followers, several companies have developed Instagram tools with increased functionality which allows you to keep track of your Instagram followers.

These tools allow you to go beyond simple follower counts and allow you to actually see which content is generating the most follows. This information is powerful because it allows you to produce more of the content your audience likes and avoid the content that isn’t seeing as much love. From there, you can post more of what your followers are interested in and it’s a win-win for everyone. Here are my 7 of my favorite tools to keep track of your Instagram followers: 

Instagram Tool #1: Analytics for Instagram App

This free Analytics for Instagram app is available for iOS devices and is a simple, user-friendly program to track Instagram followers. With hourly updates, you can see followers, those who you follow, your posts’ performance, and engagement. You can even follow hashtags to get a feel for their performance.

Overall, this tool covers the basics and not much more. But, it’s really all you need if you’re new to analytics or new to using Instagram for your business in general. With graphs and charts, it’ll show you your strengths and weaknesses. Then, when you’re ready, you can take on a more in-depth Instagram analytics program.

Analytics for Instagram is only available as an iOS mobile app and doesn’t have a desktop version. Plus, it only works on your primary account, so managing multiple accounts will be an issue. Not great for social media marketers but could be a game-changer for solopreneurs needing tools to track Instagram follower growth.

Instagram Tool #2: Followers+ App

Here is an app that does more than just analytics. As the name suggests, Followers+ helps you gain followers on Instagram and it’s available for Android. While some feel sketchy about “buying” followers (and it’s understandable why), this app pairs your Instagram account with others that have similar interests. Using coins within the app that are earned in various ways, Followers+ helps you gain followers. If anything, it can be a decent way to make your Instagram feed more visible.

But, it does have analytics features to track Instagram followers as well. Track not only who starts following you but also, who unfollows you. You can also see if someone that you followed hasn’t followed you back. Plus, you’ll get other basic analytics like the activity on your posts and weekly statistics.

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Instagram Tool #3: Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a paid service that has a lot to offer. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and that seems to be true when it comes to how Iconosquare will help you track Instagram followers. Along with all the essentials like the number of engagements each post receives and finding out your followers’ demographics, what sets Iconosquare apart is it’s reporting and competition comparison.

When it comes to reporting, Iconosquare lets you set up scheduled reports that are sent straight to your inbox and can be shared with your team. Making this step simpler is perfect for people who are required to turn in concise ROI reports to their clients.

Additionally, Iconosquare provides Competition Tracking and Monitoring that shows you where you stand among your competitors. It’s a great way to see what other social media experts are up to, to make sure you’re keeping up with the trends.

Instagram Tool #4: Squarelovin

Create a free account on Squarelovin for an in-depth analysis to track Instagram followers in two ways. The first is by looking at engagement. Squarelovin doesn’t just show you how many followers you have, they’re looking for interactions and true engagement.

Squarelovin also shows you how to optimize your content. By providing insights into when your Instagram followers are active and what they’re interested in, Squarelovin helps you pick the best time to post, which filters get the most action (yep, they track filters!), and which hashtags see the most traffic.

Another standout feature of Squarelovin is that they help you to leverage user-created content. So, when one of your followers tags you or uses one of your hashtags, it helps you make the most of it. To the point where Squarlovin even looks out for potential copyright issues.

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Instagram Tool #5: Planoly Analytics

Originally created as an Instagram feed planner to keep everything consistent and on-brand, it makes sense that Planoly would also have a killer analytics dashboard. Right on the main page, you’ll see the number of followers you have, likes and comments received, as well as your top performing posts. You’ll also get an overview of your stats where you can see average likes and comments per post and your follower gains and losses.

Planoly Analytics gives you the option to view your Instagram analytics by week, month, and year (or you can set your own parameters if working on a particular campaign) and its visual design makes everything easy to digest.

Seeing your top five or top ten best-performing posts right away seems to be the biggest selling point for Planoly Analytics because it gives you a clear view of what’s working, so you can keep doing more of that.


Instagram Tool #6: Instagram Insights

If you’ve got an Instagram business account (which you should), you’ll have built-in access to Instagram Insights to help you track Instagram followers. Here you’ll find important demographics on your followers like gender, age range, and location while also seeing which posts are getting the most interaction.

A perk of Instagram Insights being integrated with the app is that you can also compare your regular posts’ performance with sponsored posts. That way, you’ll know for sure whether your paid efforts are worth the extra cash.

The downside is there’s not a desktop version. But, it’s something you can get used to since a lot of Instagram’s features are for mobile devices only. If you’re new to analytics, this will be one of the tools to track Instagram follower growth that is easy to start with.

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Instagram Tool #7: Hootsuite

On its own, Hootsuite is a fantastic tool to manage all of your social media platforms. On one dashboard, you’ll be able to see all your posts, both scheduled and live, as well as curated feeds to see what’s going on in the community. But, in addition to all that cool stuff, they have great tools to track Instagram follower growth.

In true Hootsuite fashion, you’ll see a concise breakdown of everything you need to know with graphs and charts to make it clear what’s working (and what’s not). But on top of everything you’d expect from an Instagram analytics program, Hootsuite has a few special features.

Firstly, they track how well you’re doing when it comes to engagement. Are you responding to messages promptly? Are you interacting with your audience? All good information to know. Plus, Hootsuite has the ability to track inbound messages and organize them by sentiment. That means, are your DMs full of excited future customers or angry haters? This is also information that is good to know.

Overall, you might want to use a combination of analytics features. Check out the Instagram Insights included in your business account as well as analyzing the information available through your Planoly or Hootsuite accounts. After all, good analytics is the best way to self-check your work to make sure you’re making the best choices for the content you create.



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