How I tripled My Traffic with Tailwind


How I Tripled My Traffic with the Tailwind App

Let’s face it, Pinterest marketing can be tough. It can be difficult to remember what and when to post. You may have the highest-quality of pins on the planet, but if you forget to publish them or publish them at the wrong times, your hard work might go right down the drain. Plus, how are you supposed to run a blog and keep track of what content does well and what content falls flat?

Luckily, the people at Tailwind created a tool to make pinning a breeze. The Tailwind app not only schedules pins for you, it also provides helpful analytics. Here’s how I tripled my blog traffic with the Tailwind App:

Tailwind App: Free Trial vs. Plus Plan

Tailwind offers two different free trials depending on your business. They have a free trial for bloggers/small businesses and a free trial for large businesses. If you’re a blogger or run a small business, your free trial will consist of scheduling and publishing up to 100 Pinterest pins. The free trial also includes five Tribes to join and 30 pins to submit to those five Tribes. With the free trial, you will also have access to some Pinterest reports, such as Brand Profile Performance, Pin Inspector, and Board Insights.

There is no time set on this free trial. The trial will expire once the 100 pins have been used. However, there is a 14-day time limit on the large business free trial. The large business free trial allows users to access all of Tailwind without any financial commitment. Tailwind will stay in touch with you during the 14 days and will invoice you if you decide to continue to stick with the program.

The Plus Plan is a paid plan that offers many benefits to users, including unlimited pin scheduling. Users of the Plus Plan pay a monthly fee of $9.99. The paid plan offers smart scheduling, measures success, provides metrics, and has a 30-day history archive.


Tailwind App Feature #1: Automating Pins

One of the most effective ways to use the Tailwind app is to take advantage of bulk scheduling pins. Although Pinterest is a great place to promote your business or blog, it can be a nuisance when it comes to taking the time to pin your ideas and links. Luckily, Tailwind for Pinterest makes it easy for users to automate their pins and schedule bulk pins.

With the Tailwind app, users can easily click on images on Pinterest or a blog. After the images are selected, you can select the corresponding Pinterest boards and validate your selections. Simply press the “Schedule All Drafts” button and Tailwind will schedule your pins for you. (Yes, it’s that easy!) Tailwind helps you to free up time spent pinning and use it elsewhere in your marketing strategy.


Tailwind App Feature #2: Optimizing Pins

Timing is everything when it comes to Pinterest. If you are scheduling your pins at the wrong times, you may lose out on reaching a large audience. Tailwind  for Pinterest can help optimize your pins for the best time slots. They’ve even gone so far as breaking it down by popular categories per month! These suggestions weren’t brought to you by a Ouija board, Tailwind uses their analytics to predict what is going to be popular. By optimizing your pins, you can easily drive more traffic to your blog.


Tailwind App Feature #3: Analytics

Understanding your audience is important when sharing content. The Tailwind app offers a multitude of reports for its users. With these analytics, you can see when to post, what pins are trending, and how you measure up to your competitors. Tailwind also offers sorting features that allows user to uncover insights by keywords, hashtags, category, and more.

If you want to boost traffic to your blog, knowing who you are posting to and how they are receiving it is crucial. Tailwind can provide interest heat maps to verify that you’re publishing the correct content for your audience. Bonus: They will also identify your prospects!

One of the most popular reports on Tailwind is the Board Insights report. This report will easily tell you which of your boards are performing well and which are performing poorly. Board Insights will reveal your boards’ Virality Score and Engagement Scores for the past seven days. By using these insights, you can see where you should focus your time and energy to gain the most traffic to your blog. To learn more about Pinterest Analytics check out our FREE Definitive Guide to Pinterest!


Tailwind App Feature #4: Board Lists & Smart Loop 

Board Lists can be a major time-saver when it comes to pinning content. The Board List allows users to group together a group of boards that you can select in one simple click when you’re scheduling pins. It essentially allows you to post one pin on multiple boards in seconds. Not using Board Lists is considered a major mistake in the Tailwind community.

SmartLoop is the newest Tailwind app feature. With SmartLoop, you can reshare your greatest content at the best times. Once pins are in SmartLoop, they’ll be recirculated repeatedly and you won’t be doing any work. No need to worry about getting in trouble for spam, either. SmartLoop will also make sure that you aren’t spamming Group Boards or breaking any rules. You can even utilize Seasonal Loops, which will automatically turn on and off with the seasons. (No more accidental Christmas posts in July!)



Tailwind App Feature #5: Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes is a tool where users can meet like-minded people to share ideas and pins. Like Pinterest Board Groups, it is a never-ending supply of content that is relevant to your blog. Once you join a Tribe, not only will you have a supply of high-quality content, you will also have your posts seen and shared by others.

After you have picked pins, you will be able to share them with the rest of your Tribe. Since the other tribe members are doing the same thing, you will be able to use their findings as well. Tailwind Tribes are a great form of collaboration and allows users to find more content in less time.

Simply put, if you want to triple your traffic, you need to utilize Tailwind. Not only does Tailwind provide advantageous analytics, it also allows you to save time by scheduling pins and optimizes them at the right time. Tailwind offers features such as Board Lists and SmartLoop which will cut down your pinning time, allowing you to focus on other areas of your blog. Plus, if you join a Tailwind Tribe, you will be presented with a bunch of quality content by similar bloggers. Tailwind is a win-win for any Pinterest user looking to boost their blog traffic.

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