How to Have a Successful Website Launch


How to Have a Successful Website Launch

Your website launch day is fast-approaching and it’s an exciting moment for you and your business. It’s a day you’ve been dreaming about and soon, it’ll be ready to come alive! 

But how can you really maximize this opportunity to get the most exposure for your brand during your website launch? 

To help you uncover some top tips, here are 7 ways to have a successful website launch.

Start with a Soft Launch

Although it may not sound as exciting to start with a soft launch, it’s actually a great way to test your website and get some initial feedback. 

You can do a soft launch by inviting a group of insiders and VIPs to take your new website for a spin. Then, you can also ask them to help promote your website on Launch Day. 

Plus, hosting a soft launch builds excitement surrounding the launch and your VIPs feel special being part of the group who got to see your website before anyone else.

To do a soft launch, start a waiting list on your domain to keep everyone in the loop. Then, publish your site and give early access to the VIPs. You’ll be able to work out any kinks before you’re official Launch Day. And trust me, there are always kinks.  


Host a Giveaway 

Who doesn’t love a giveaway?! Am I right?

Giveaways are an amazing way to create interest for your brand and gives people a reason to check out your brand new website.

If you’re launching a store, you can offer a free gift with each purchase. If you’re a service-based business you can raffle off a free one-on-one session or a scholarship for one of your signature services. 

This could be part of your soft launch as well, entering everyone who signs up to the waiting list into a drawing for your giveaway. You should also add some type of social component to this to really up the impact. 


Create Excitement

Create excitement for your new website by sharing behind the scenes photos and creating countdown posts on social media to get your audience excited. 

People love to see how things really work and they’re going to be curious about what you’re doing to gear up for your successful website launch. With engagement tools like countdowns and polls on social media, you can really get your audience involved. 

Perhaps you’ll ask followers to choose between two colors or fonts. Or you do a social media live video explaining everything you wish you would’ve known before starting, documenting the process to make yourself more relatable. 

The idea is to build suspense while letting your followers in on the action. You don’t just want to launch your website out of nowhere. Creating excitement means your audience will be ready to explore what you have to offer once your new website goes live!


Build a Strategy to Keep Them Coming Back 

Even though building hype about your website launch is tons of fun, there’s also a fair bit of strategy behind it all. After all, the party doesn’t stop once your domain is up and running. You want people to visit your website over and over! 

So, building a plan to keep your audience interested and ready to come back to your website after the launch is key.

For example, if you’re running a clothing boutique, let everyone know when new items will be landing in the store. If you have a blog, let them know when they can check back for new blog posts. 

And then, stick to the schedule! Don’t make promises you can’t keep. So, make sure you have a realistic strategy that will keep your customers eager to check out your site.


Collect Email Addresses

Before your launch, it’s crucial to collect email addresses and start an email list.

You’ll want to make sure you set up an email opt-in and have a relevant incentive to get them to subscribe. Lead magnets like free ebooks, infographics, or downloadable checklists are great incentive ideas to get visitors to sign up.

Having an email list is key for being able to market to visitors once they leave your website during the soft launch stage and beyond.

In short, email marketing is critical for any successful website launch for two reasons. 

First of all, when a customer opts-in to subscribe to your list, it means they want to hear from you. You’ve just scored a captive audience. 

And secondly, you have more control over emails on your list than you do social media followers through a third-party where the algorithm can change at any time.

Overall, collecting email addresses should be high on the to-do list when preparing for your website launch.


Install the Facebook Pixel 

While this one is more technical, installing a Facebook pixel is something you can do for your future self that will make buying Facebook ads so much easier down the line.

A Facebook pixel is a short line of code that you can add to the header section in the backend of your website. This pixel gathers information about user behavior on your website and starts building a profile about your online visitors using data like demographics and interests.

Then, in the event that you decide to do Facebook marketing later on (which you probably will), Facebook will already have all the information it needs to serve ads to the best customers. Again, your future self will thank you.


Launch Day!

Launch Day is finally here and it’s time to go BIG! Shout it from the rooftops, your website is now live! 

This is a great time to reach out to the contacts you invited to your soft launch and ask them to share your website on their social media channels. 

Plus, since you’ve been building your email list, you already have an audience that’s excited to hear from you, ready to check out what you’ve been working on.

Still have questions about how to have a successful website launch? Feel free to reach out and set up a consultation. Let’s get your website off the ground with a bang!

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