Secret to Successful Brand Photo Shoot


The Secret of a Successful Brand Photo Shoot with Trish Taylor

Have you spent thousand of dollars on a brand photo shoot only to wind up with disappointing photos? Do you keep putting your brand photo session off because you lack the confidence and clarity on how best to show up?

How could a successful brand photo shoot provide a boost to your business and your confidence?

At first, it might be surprising to be told by a stylist that clothing is the last thing you should think about when planning a brand photoshoot. But you should trust her on this one! Trish Taylor has some incredible insights on this topic, having undergone the process of building her business from the ground up while struggling with health issues and self-acceptance that made it really difficult to step in front of the camera.

Trish was able to overcome the challenges she faced, and as a brand embodiment coach, she shares exactly how she did it.

In this episode brand embodiement coach, Trish Taylor shares her step-by-step process for having a successful brand photo shoot.

Key Points from this episode:

(02:06) Importance of positive self-image and confidence during your entrepreneurial journey

(03:47) Vulnerability in putting yourself out there in your own brand

(05:14) Differences in representing yourself as part of a corporation vs. your own brand

(08:11) Why brand photoshoots are so important

(10:30) Diving deeper into branding awareness and intent

(11:42) Then comes clothing choices

(13:43) Giving yourself the grace to be who you are and deciding you want to be seen

(15:43) Trish’s personal journey to self-acceptance in business and life

(18:11) Mind over matter (or, mindset over wardrobe!)


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How to Have a Successful Brand Photoshoot Quote

How to Have a Successful Brand Photo Shoot with Trish Taylor

About Trish:

Trish Taylor is a stylist and a brand embodiement coach who is commited to helping heart-centered, online entrepreneurs align their outside with their inside so they can create magnetizing content and feel worthy of their expertise. She leverages her unique experiences as a celebrity stylist and counselor to empower and equip purpose-drive entrepreneurs and mindful course creators with the mindset shifts AND stylish tools they need to step into the most confident version of themselves. When this rain-lovin’ California introvert isn’t busy transforming internet shy girls into their truest self, you can find her rock climbing, talking to her plant babies, or indulging in her favorite gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

You can learn more about Trish at:
– @trishtaylorstyling

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