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Public Speaking to Monetize Your Business


How to Use Public Speaking to Monetize Your Business with Ashley Kirkwood

Are you looking to monetize your business through public speaking? In this episode, I talk to dynamic speaker and trademark lawyer, Ashley Kirkwood. Ashley Kirkwood discussed her leap from a high-earning attorney at a prestigious law firm to starting her own successful law firm while building a lucrative income stream through public speaking. Ashley also shares wisdom from her impactful Speak Your Way to Cash coaching program, which helps entrepreneurs develop and sell their signature speech. 


Key Points of Discussion: 

(00:20) Introducing Ashley Kirkwood and her journey to becoming an entrepreneur 

(03:25) How to monetize your business through public speaking 

(06:28) How to use your book as a calling card to get paid speaking engagements 

(08:59) On why having a book can help you get paid to speak 

(09:50) Some steps newbies can take to break into public speaking

(15:13) What to do if you’re terrified of public speaking

(17:10) Understand the process for booking a Ted-X talk


Listen to How to Use Public Speaking to Monetize Your Business:

How to Use Public Speaking to Monetize Your Business How to Use Public Speaking to Monetize Your Business with Ashley Kirkwood 1

About Ashley:

Ashley Kirkwood is a dynamic speaker, trademark lawyer, and on-air legal expert for a Chicago daytime show. Her law firm, Mobile General Counsel helps entrepreneurs to trademark their brands and protect their business assets with contracts! She takes great pride in helping business owners on the legal side and the business side. On the business side, she helps entrepreneurs and experts make speaking an income stream through live events, her podcast, and coaching programs, which all fall under Ashley’s brand, Speak Your Way To Cash! When Ashley’s not helping her legal or coaching clients, you can find her on a stage around the country delivering her signature speech, The Currency of Confidence! She’s a sought-after expert, who speaks on topics such as, sales training, confidence, and storytelling!

You can learn more about Ashley at 

Follow Ashley on Instagram at theashleynicoleshow

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About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a branding and marketing agency that helps service based solopreneurs turn their passions into profitable businesses.

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