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Power of Kindness


The Power of Kindness with Orly Wahba

Manifesting kindness in the world begins with turning kindness upon ourselves. When Orly Wahba was a young teenager and faced a storm of family turmoil and misfortune, depression dragged her to a low point. She withdrew into herself and was forced to battle with her circumstances and her own emotions. 

But Orly came out of her experience as a changed person. Why? She realized that while she was waiting for others to be kind to her and show her compassion and love, she could start by recognizing her own self-worth. From there, Orly promised to be that source of kindness for others, and began giving of herself from a place of abundance rather than sacrifice.

This led to her creation of the Life Vest Inside non-profit, where she spreads kindness through the world and champions the value of  genuine human connection. Orly shares the details of her journey, discusses healing and finding your purpose, and explains how a shift in perspective can change everything. 

How could the power of kindness change your life?

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Key Points:

(01:33) Kindness is always “trending”

(04:10) Life-changing events led to Orly’s lowest point

(06:21) Orly’s struggle with depression

(08:26) Isolation leads Orly to learn to love herself for who she is

(08:45) How giving to others helps bring healing

(09:25) Giving from sacrifice vs. giving from abundance 

(11:30) Focusing on the self to practice kindness

(13:40) Orly’s perspective on faith and purpose

(16:40) Fighting negativity with negativity never works

(22:40) Current climate of racial injustice and Orly’s organizational response

(30:40) Kindness as a way of being


HWP028_The Power of Kindness Quote

About Orly:

Orly is the founder of the global non-profit, Life Vest Inside, a kindness expert, educator, best selling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker who inspires audiences to take action. Her talks and workshops provide the groundwork for lasting change and motivate people to become the best version of themselves so that they can influence the world for good. Drawing from her personal journey, groundbreaking science, and her signature wit, Orly inspires people to tap into the power of kindness—the most underutilized skill in today’s world. Through her talks, Orly demonstrates how kindness and a simple shift in perspective can alter the way a person connects with themselves and the world around them.


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