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Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed in 5 Easy Steps

Instagram is the internet’s most visual social media space and at this point, it’s pretty much required that your visuals are on point. If you’re on Instagram and using it to market your business or personal brand, you need to be thinking about your content visually – and plan your Instagram feed out that way too. 

Think about it, when you find a new influencer and you check out their feed to find a perfectly planned out grid of stunning images, you immediately hit follow. Basically, visual plans for Instagram feeds work. They catch the eye and keep us involved. 

So, to help iron out the kinks and inspire you to take a visual approach to your Instagram marketing strategies, here are five tips to get your Instagram grid back on track and looking better than ever.

Step #1: Choose an Aesthetic That Fits Your Brand

First things first when we’re talking about visuals, you’ll need to come up with an aesthetic to match the vibe of your brand. 

This could mean a few things. You could find a color palette that evokes calming sensations if you’re a meditation app or a vegan restaurant. You could go with more earthy images of flowers and nature that show your solar panel company cares about the environment. Or you can use punchy, text-based images with hard hitting quotes if you’re a coaching business that helps go-getters to succeed. 

So, decide who you are as a brand, choose colors, themes , and photos to represent that brand, and go for it with a streamlined aesthetic. 

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Step #2: Use Similar Filters and Presets

Once you’ve decided on an aesthetic, you need to consider filters. Filters are key for creating a beautiful Instagram feed. Filters and presets are used to enhance your photos. They are also and allows certain mood to come across. For example, a vintage filter sets a tone of nostalgia. Another key to creating beautiful Instagram feed is to keep the overall theme consistent. 

Moldiv is a fantastic photo editing app for applying filters to your Instagram photos. You can even use their curated themes. When all images convey the same mood and tone your feed looks professional and well planned. 

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Step #3: Create Balance on Your Instagram Feed

We all know someone who fills their entire Instagram grid with selfies and self-portraits. While maybe some people want to see that kind of content, chances are, your best bet is to make sure you plan Instagram feed photos that create a bit more balance. 

Instead of constant pictures of your face, sprinkle in images of delicious food you’re trying for the first time, landscape images of your favorite outdoor workout spot, or group photos with fellow boss babes. 

In general, this might be a little easier for businesses that don’t rely on the personal brand of a single individual, but even companies can become a bit stagnant and boring. Make sure you’re not posting only inspirational quotes and share some behind-the-scenes shots or user created content from time to time.

Long story short, you want to make visuals that feel fresh and new. That’s one of the perks of when you visually plan Instagram beforehand. Instead of posting whenever you feel like it, you’re making sure everything flows naturally and isn’t just a bunch of repetitive content that people will quickly bore of. 

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Step #4: Tell a Story

Many people overlook the fact that Instagram, at least when it comes to individual grids, are listed in chronological order. When the feed switched its algorithm, it’s like we all forgot that things go in order in every other space on the app. This gives you the perfect opportunity to plan Instagram feed content that tells a story in the form of pictures. 

Visually plan Instagram content that takes your audience on a journey. For any business, it’s a chance to show people where you started and how you got to where you are now. It can showcase humble beginnings that grew into unimaginable success. Even if that success is small in the grand scheme of things, you can share how taking life by the horns has changed you for the better. People really resonate with authenticity and story-telling. Instagram is one way to do just that.

With that being said, make sure to always focus on your top nine photos on your Instagram grid. They’re the images that will create the first impression of you or your business and is imperative to gaining followers and grabbing people’s interest. 

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Step #5: Set Aside Time to Plan Your Instagram Feed

Lastly, you’ll need to set aside some time to plan your Instagram feed. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to take hours and hours each day. In fact, batching your social media content creation is a great way to save time on these tasks. 

So, pick a date and set aside some quality time to plan Instagram feed content that is sure to impress and engage followers. If you need some assistance with planning, scheduling, and visually double checking what’s going into the world, there are a few apps that can help. 

Personally, my favorite app to visually plan your Instagram feed is Planoly. By allowing you to save drafts complete with captions and hashtags, you can adjust and perfect your Instagram grid with easy drag-and-drop capabilities. They even have planning tools for Instagram Stories and it’s such a big help in making sure everything is consistent with who I am as a brand.

Other fantastic visual planning apps for Instagram are Later and Tailwind.  With all of these apps, your visual content calendar will be on point and you even get analytics built-in that show you exactly how well your killer content is connecting with your audience. 

Regardless of how the job gets done, the point is to make your Instagram grid as visually appealing as possible. Have fun with giving your brand a visual vibe. Eventually, you’ll get to know what works, what doesn’t, and what systems are best for you in the creation period. Overall, think about your Instagram in a visual way and you’ll start to see real results and real interest in your brand. 

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