How to Use Pinterest Communities for Your Business


How to Use Pinterest Communities for Your Business

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In early 2019, Pinterest announced the following about Pinterest Communities going away on this link.

After testing Pinterest communities as a positive place for sharing ideas and getting a lot of feedback from Pinners, we’ve decided to take the best parts of the feature and fold them into group boards. 

Your group boards will live on your profile, and you can share ideas with community members there, by saving and creating Pins like you would on any other board. Every group board has an Activity tab, where you can see what people are saving to the board and leave comments for just your group board collaborators to see.

If you created any communities, you’ll now “own” that group board. This means you can control the board’s settings to make it public or secret, and to allow more people to join

Since its creation in March 2010, Pinterest has rolled out many new features to enhance the Pinterest experience for its users. Pinterest has never claimed to be a social media platform, but in order to stay relevant, it has made a few additions to stay on par with Facebook and Twitter. Their newest feature is Pinterest communities, a place where people can get together to discuss specific topics.

What are Pinterest Commuities?

Pinterest communities are discussion boards where like-minded people can start conversations, share pins, and comment on each other’s ideas. The idea of Pinterest communities is very similar to Facebook Groups. With Pinterest communities, you can speak to an audience regarding a common interest. (For example, if you have a food blog, you could create or a join a community where users can share and discuss recipes.) If you are part of an engaging community, you will be able to connect with others and generate a following for your blog or website.


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What is the Difference Between Group Boards & Communities?

Pinterest group boards are a place for Pinterest users to collaborate by sharing pins and links to their blogs or websites on a shared board. Users contribute to the board by pinning topic-related content, such as pictures or links to their own websites or blogs. People can comment on individual pins, but there is not a place for discussion on group boards.

Pinterest communities are different because they allow conversations within the group. Users can share pins, ask questions, and discuss ideas within the community. While Pinterest group boards were created as a place to share and pin ideas, Pinterest Communities were created for people to interact with one another.


How Do I Join a Pinterest Community?

Joining a Pinterest community is very easy, but you will need to find someone that already has a community in order to activate the community feature on your account. Once you find a friend that has a community, ask to be invited to one of their communities. If you are invited to a community, you will be able to join other communities and create your own community.

Finally, once you have the community tab on your account, you can simply click on it to go to the main community section. In this section, you will find all of the Pinterest communities that you are a part of, plus a section to search for new communities.

Next, you can use the search area to find a community. Once you find a community that you are interested in joining, click on the community’s name. This will bring you to their main page. Click the red “Join” button at the top of the page. You will automatically be added to the community. Leaving the community is just as easy. Simply click the “leave” button and you will be removed from the community.


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How Do I Create a Pinterest Community?

Creating a Pinterest community is also very easy. After clicking on your community tab, you will see a gray button that says, “Create community.” This will bring you to a screen where you will need to add a picture, community name, and description. (All of these are needed in order to create the community.) After adding these three elements, click the “Create” button. (Yes, it is that easy!)

Naming your community is very important, as this is what will come up when people are searching for new communities to join. Each community must have a unique name and each user can create up to three new communities.

What should you name your community? First, consider SEO when choosing a name. While it can be tempting to create a community that is specific to your blog’s name, you will want to think in broader terms in the beginning. Instead of using your blog or site’s name in your community name, use something related to what you are promoting or interested in. By doing this, you will reach a lot more people and grow your community faster.

Once your community is created, it is time to create some rules! Community rules will be very important as these will set the tone for your community. All communities are currently public and you cannot restrict who joins. However, if someone violates your community rules, you can remove them.


Can I Post to a Community?

After you are a part of a community, it is time to get busy! Most importantly before posting in a community, make sure to read the rules. Some communities have certain rules about posting personal content. (For example, some may want only 1 out of 10 of your discussions to be about your blog.) Once you know the rules, you can start a discussion where it says, “Start a discussion.” In the discussion, you can share a pin or picture and converse with other community members.

What Can I Do To Promote My Pinterest Community?

You can promote your Pinterest community in a variety of ways. The easiest is by inviting people to join your community. You can do this easily by going to your community and clicking on the button that shows a plus sign next to an outline of a person. This button allows you to instantly invite any of your Pinterest friends. It also can send out an invite via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and email. You can also copy, paste and share your community’s URL. In addition, you can promote your community in the Community Finder. Here you can share a photo and a short description of what your community is about. Others can join by clicking on the link – Easy!

Pinterest communities are a great way to promote your business. After joining a community, you will be instantly connected with people who have similar interests to you. In the community, you can share pins, pictures, and links directly to your blog. Don’t waste any more time – Join or create a Pinterest community today to boost your business!



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