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How to Master Your Self Image and Transform Your Life with Matina Singh

Are past traumas holding you back from living the life you desire? In today’s challenging times, it is essential that we learn how to cope with different situations that affect our purpose. In this episode, I chat with self image and life coach, Matina Singh about how to master your self image and transform your life. 

Matina opens up about her own experience with divorce and how she was able to create a life that was aligned with her values and purpose. She also shares her wisdom on how women can do the inner work to get past the pain of divorce and similar traumas. Finally, Matina describes how to take control of our reactions while facing adversity in life. Matina shares her thoughts on: 

  • The trauma of divorce

  • How to move forward after a major trauma

  • The process of looking inwards for answers 

Pour yourself a cup of a chamomile tea and listen carefully to learn how to empower yourself and transform your current situation for the better on this week’s episode of Hustle with Purpose. 


Key Points of Discussion: 

(00:19) Introducing the Master of Self Image and Life Coach, Martina Singh

(01:16) The inspiring journey of Martina Singh

(03:53) How to face and move forward with a life-changing decision 

(06:45) How to take yourself into account as well as the other components of divorce

(12:32) The ultimate divorce decoding guide explained by Martina 

(15:14) How to bring yourself to the present during hard times 

(16:22) Breaking down our limiting beliefs 

(20:26) Taking control of our reactions and facing adversity in life 


Listen To How to Master Your Self Image and Transform Your Life:

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About Matina:

Matina Singh helps divorced/separated women go from despair to acceptance, to feeling empowered. Her own divorce journey left her scattered but she was determined to build a better life for her children and herself. She doesn’t only understand the daily hardship but also the struggle of finding your voice again. Her resourceful ability helped her listen to her inner voice, learn to value her own desires and create her own business… all while being a loving mother to three young children.

It took Matina three years to get back to living a life without doubting and devaluing herself. Since she has found the right techniques, it has become her mission to help other women get on the other side of the mountain within 6 months.

“The day I decided to leave the father of my children, was the first day that I listened to my inner voice. I was scared, broken and uncertain about the future yet certain that my relationship didn’t align with my values.”

Matina shows women that the view on the top of the mountain is beautiful and she is standing right there with her hand out, to help you get up!

You can learn more about Matina at
Follow Matina at masterselfimage

About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a branding and marketing agency that helps service based solopreneurs turn their passions into profitable businesses.

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