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How to Market Your Business on Clubhouse with Melissa Litchfield

As someone working with online entrepreneurs over the past five years, Melissa has helped her clients grow their impact and revenue through paid and organic marketing. She dabbled mostly in Facebook ads and social media while doing consultations on the side.

When Clubhouse — currently an invitation-only audio app — exploded in popularity late last year, a lot of entrepreneurs jumped on the bandwagon for an opportunity to promote and grow their business on its platform.

In this episode, Melissa shares some insightful tips on how to market your business on Clubhouse and make the most out of it. She also talks more about:

  • How to maximize Clubhouse as part of your marketing funnel
  • The magic formula to make a compelling and optimized bio
  • How to leverage Clubhouse features —  e.g., rooms, clubs, etc. — to attract more new clients
  • How to relieve the pressure of being on this new platform, and what you can do instead

Join Melissa Litchfield as she teaches you the ropes of using Clubhouse effectively for your business, and watch yourself slowly turn into a pro by listening to this episode.


A Guide to Joining Clubhouse and How to Leverage It for Your Business

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how to market your business on clubhouse

Episode Highlights:

(01:33) How Melissa started working in social media and eventually starting her own business

(07:39) The magic formula to creating an optimized bio that attracts prospects

(11:23) Leveraging Clubhouse rooms to build your authority and share immense value to your audience by hosting, moderating, and being on stage

(14:43) Clubs versus Rooms — and how to join clubs that are relevant and where your potential clients hang out

(16:18) What makes Clubhouse unique among other social media platforms and how you can effortlessly create compelling content

(20:18) How to gain followers organically and market your business on Clubhouse


About Melissa:

Melissa is a 33-year-old, southern California native, currently living in Savannah, Georgia. For the past 5 years,  she’s been helping online entrepreneurs market themselves online with paid and organic traffic. She owns Litchfield Media Co, a digital advertising company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs skyrocket their impact and revenue. And she lives with her husband (who serves in the US Coast Guard) and her four-year-old daughter, Madeline.

You can learn more about Melissa at


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