Losing Followers on Instagram? Here's 7 Ways to Fix It
7 Reasons You're Losing Followers


Losing Followers on Instagram? Here’s 7 Ways to Fix It

Tired of losing followers on Instagram? Let’s be clear right at the get-go. A successful social media strategy is not dependant on how many followers you have. But, followers are definitely part of the equation. Namely, the “right” followers.

So, if you’ve curated a bunch of fantastic content – or so you think – yet you’re still finding that people are unfollowing you on Instagram, there could be a reason for it.

To help you solve the mystery of your Instagram unfollows, make sure you’re not doing these 7 things which could likely be the cause.


You Post Low-Quality Photos

Instagram is a highly visual social media platform – perhaps the most visual of them all. People scroll on Instagram to see beautiful images, not grainy and out-of-focus amateur stuff. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you have to be a photographer to be successful on Instagram. In the same way that you don’t have to be a best-selling author to start a blog, the idea is to post quality photos and put some TLC into what you’re sharing on Instagram.

This might mean investing in a better camera or upgrading your iPhone. Maybe it’s about learning some editing techniques and using better editing software. Maybe you’ll take a course on design so that your graphics are that much more stunning. 

A little effort can go a long way and it’ll shine through in your Instagram content. Your followers will appreciate the work and keep following. 

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You’re Inconsistent

If you’re losing followers on Instagram at an alarming rate, it’s probably because you’re not consistently posting. Humans are creatures of habit and we like having the answers. In short, inconsistency is our worst nightmare. Same goes with who we follow on Instagram.

When someone is doing an Instagram clean-out, they’re likely to hit “unfollow” when they can’t even recall why they’re following you in the first place. If you never post, how will someone know if your content is worth the attention?

So, get on a schedule and stick to it. Whether that’s once a day, every other day, or twice a week – it doesn’t matter. Just be consistent can keep those followers following.

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You Don’t Engage with Followers

Take a minute to think about this one. How exciting is it when an influencer or company likes your post about their product or answers your DMs with your burning questions? It feels pretty great and it’s highly unlikely that we’ll unfollow them.

The same goes for your business when you’re losing followers on Instagram. If you’re not sharing the love, then you’re not keeping your followers engaged. Social media isn’t a one-sided game, it’s about truly interacting and paying attention to your followers.

Carve out a little bit of time to engage with people on Instagram. Answer some comments or like a few posts. Make sure it’s genuine and you’ll be adding valuable expertise to your name. People love this and they’ll feel like they’re getting a huge perk from following you – which they are, of course!

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You Overshare

No one likes an oversharer! So, don’t let that be you. You’ll be losing followers on Instagram if they feel like the things you post are just TMI. 

Everybody’s boundaries will be different and it’s important to make the call depending on your brand. For example, a YouTube vlogger who shares their whole life online might find it appropriate to post beach photos with their boyfriend. But, it might be crossing the line if you run a law firm. 

In general, though, food photos of every meal, workout selfies five times a week, or a rant about your boss on Mondays are usually red flags. Keep some things private and don’t overshare. Your followers will thank you.


You’re Always in “Sell” Mode

There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion, but it’s important not to overdo it. Beware of always being in “sell” mode or you’ll risk losing followers on Instagram.

A lot of times, people want to know what you’re promoting and how they can take part, but if all your Instagram Stories talk about your amazing ebook or the skincare you’re a partner for, it gets old. 

It’s kind of like the downfall of advertising. It’s human nature to resist spending money when you feel like someone is always harping on about it. That’s why advertising can feel icky. 

So, instead, share genuine content with no intention of selling yourself most of the time and sprinkle in some info about your products and services here and there. 

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You Post Too Often

Sure, we need to be consistent to avoid Instagram unfollows, but there is such thing as posting too often. If you start flooding people’s feed they will often have a negative reaction and take their scrolling talents elsewhere.

People go on Instagram to stay in touch with family and friends while getting “influenced” here and there by people they trust. They might make a purchase or read a blog post while they’re there, but that’s not the initial intention.

If you’re the only thing that’s coming up on someone’s Instagram feed, they’re likely to eliminate you altogether. Let people see more than just your content and post consistently, but sparingly. 

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You Don’t Have a Content Plan

Finally, it’s important to have a content plan. Going back to the notion that humans are creatures of habit – we like to know what to expect from people. That’s where having a plan comes into play.

If you post anything and everything, people won’t know what to expect from you and you’ll start losing Instagram followers. Are you a yogi? Are you an entrepreneur? What do you care about? These are the things you want to get in touch with and are, in turn, the things you should be posting. 

Plan things out in advance and stick to your content calendar. Not only will this help your followers understand your business (which is great for ROI), but it’ll also help you when creating content and batching your workload.


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