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Why You Should Join a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are the modern answer to a historical problem. Traditionally, there have always been those individuals who work best when they get to choose their workspace. Offices with less tension and more relaxation and creature comforts can increase productivity and spark inspiration. Coworking spaces address the issue of insufficient office spaces such as dark, dank cubicles. They also combat the isolation that can arise when working from home or working independently. Coworking spaces bring people together in a unique environment to get work done while enjoying a change of scenery, and a shift in perspective. 

 One of the biggest differences between a traditional office and a coworking space is the culture. There are no supervisors physically checking up on you and introducing pressure and tension to the working environment. Coworking spaces are centered around a culture of freedom, allowing you the flexibility to come and go as you please, use meeting rooms and resources as needed, and run your business your way. This simple shirt in the way business is conducted creates a cultural shift that encourages creativity, where diverse groups of people can come together and thrive.

 Do you work alone at home in isolation, or spend hours at coffee shops with little table space and lagging wi-fi? These are just a few of the many issues that can arise are self-employed or have a remote position. There are many reasons that joining a coworking space could make a big difference in the way you get work done. Read on to learn how you can combat loneliness, experience a major boost in productivity, and even make some new acquaintances! 


#1 Reason to Join a Coworking Space: Structure

Often, just introducing a structured schedule is enough to keep you more accountable and start increasing productivity. With start-ups, remote positions, and other individualized work, it is easy to allow yourself to slip when it comes to keeping a work schedule. There are many distractions throughout the home, and even coffee shops can be distracting when others nearby are having loud conversations or relaxing while you try to work. 

 Coworking spaces address this problem, by creating an environment of structure. Everyone at the coworking space has a purpose for being there, and if you are absent, this absence will likely be noticed. This creates a feeling of urgency which is useful to help keep you productive and focused. However, coworking spaces also allow for flexibility, so you make your own hours and do not have to report to anyone- as far as being “late”, “on time”, or coming in “after hours”, you are your own boss!

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#2 Reason to Join a Coworking Space: Meeting Space

Not only will you have access to your own desk and possibly filing space or storage space for files, but coworking spaces are typically located in large, beautifully decorated office spaces with private meeting spaces for important phone calls or meetings with clients, stakeholders, or anyone you may need to meet or talk to in a professional capacity. The coworking space will provide a professional, visually appealing backdrop for your business dealings. In addition to meeting space, most coworking spaces offer extra perks and features, such as high speed wi-fi, free coffee, and access to shared-use printers, copiers, or other office fixtures.


#3 Reason to Join a Coworking Space: Flexibility

One of the major draws that is unique to coworking spaces is the level of flexibility. Rather than leasing an expensive office and being the sole person responsible for costs, equipment, and fees, you can run your business from a cost-effective shared space. Most coworking spaces offer you the ability to rent a space on a month-to-month basis, with no long-term contracts necessary. You may have to pay extra if you want your own personal desk rather than a shared one, or if you want your own office within the shared space. However, a coworking space can help you save on fees and costs associated with furnishing your own office, so you are nearly guaranteed to save money by opting for a shared space! 

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#4 Reason to Join a Coworking Space: Networking

Among the most significant benefits to a coworking space is the coworkers themselves! You could be working alongside professionals in business, finance, IT, or entrepreneurs working on all aspects of start-up companies. You also have something unique to bring to the table. Together, you have the ability to brainstorm and bounce questions off of each other, without having to worry about the constraints of traditional co-working or employee-employer relationships. There is no physical “boss” in the office to report to, so the pressure is removed and you can focus on your own projects and objectives. 

 Furthermore, if you work in the same field or a complimentary field as your coworkers, you may even be able to meet new customers and clients, and make plenty of connections that can help you along the way!

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#5 Reason to Join a Coworking Space: Community

Perhaps the best part of coworking spaces is this: every single person in that space chooses to be there. There’s no dragging your feet in the morning just to get to work, punch in, and feel your life slowly draining away in a cubicle- or worse, stay in bed and eat into your productivity because you work from home and have nothing motivating you to begin work in the morning. Some coworking spaces even host business events, workshops, and meetups where you can meet other great minds, make connections, and continue making great business moves. 

And if you are more introverted, preferring to work alone? You can still benefit from a coworking space. Many of these communities offer private offices where you can work quietly while still being in a new environment that is conducive to work, much more than sitting at home would be. You can also benefit from the workshops, networking events, and training programs that some coworking spaces host.

If you feel stuck in your work due to working from home or coffee shops and you need a change, consider joining a coworking space. The fees associated with participating in a shared office will pay off when you are able to increase productivity, make new acquaintances, and benefit from a unique working space and community!

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