5 Tools to Get More Traffic From Instagram


5 Impressive Instagram Tools to Increase Your Traffic

Raise your hand if marketing your business on Instagram often feels like a full-time job? Instagram is one of the best platforms for finding and connecting with your target audience, however the addictive nature of the platform often makes it difficult to “stop the scroll” and grab users attention. But rest assured, there are so many powerful Instagram tools on the market that can help you more effectively market your brand on instagram and get more traffic from Instagram.

Here are 5 Impressive Instagram Tools to Increase Your Traffic:

Visually Plan and Schedule Instagram Posts with Planoly

Planoly is the first Instagram visual planner and was built from the perspective of a designer and an editor, helping you schedule and strategize your Instagram content. Understanding the importance of a consistent and brand-specific Instagram profile, Planoly’s main purpose is to help individuals and businesses create cohesive Instagram grids.

The Planoly app also features a calendar for scheduling future posts, an analytics page where you can see an overview of audience engagement with your brand, and it even stores unscheduled images and hashtags for you.


How Planoly Works

Planoly is offered as a subscription with four options depending on your needs. Good news is you can have Planoly for free – and who doesn’t love free, am I right? It covers one Instagram account, 30 photo uploads a month, one month of analytics, and a comment inbox for your 5 latests posts. With this option, you can really get a feel for the system.

Once you decide you like it, subscriptions to use the app can be paid annually or on a month-to-month basis. With Solo, Duo, Squad, and Team options, prices range starting at $7 a month.

Selling products on Instagram? Planoly has an add-on for that. It’s called ShopLink to help you with content, tagging products making it easy for your customer to buy, tracking engagements, driving traffic to your site, and curating a ShopLink gallery. It’s like they thought of everything!

instagram tools marketing app

Planoly Mobile App

Why You Need Planoly

The short answer – Planoly is everything you already do, just in one convenient place. Chances are you have about 43 notes on your iPhone with hashtag ideas, a pseudo Instagram feed lined up in Photoshop, and alarms set for when to post.

Planoly just makes your life a little easier. You can store hashtags and even create hashtag categories with the Hashtag Manager and you can store photos that you know you’ll want to use but without having to add them to the scheduler.

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Drive Website Traffic from Instagram with Linkin.bio

We’ve all seen it. The infamous hashtag #linkinbio to send audiences to your bio in order to watch a video or read an article. There’s got to be a better way! Instagram bios are the only space on the platform where web pages are hyperlinked and there are obviously a few problems with that. It means you can only share one link at any given time and going to your bio is a step that many of your customers just don’t want to take.

The goal of Linkin.bio is to drive traffic to that outside source without the detour of checking your bio first. You essentially tag a link right into the photo or video so it becomes clickable. You’ll get a personalized Linkin.bio link that will stay in that oh-so-special hyperlinked bio spot and from there you’ll be able to add unique links to your posts.



How to Get Linkin.bio

Linkin.bio is an add-on available with one of the first ever Instagram management tools called Later. You’ll need to first get an account with them.

Unfortunately, Linkin.bio isn’t free but is included with the Later plan that starts at only $16 a month, plus all the other goodies you’ll get from your Later subscription. So, it makes a lot of sense.


 Why You Need Linkin.bio

It’s surprising that by eliminating just one step makes it much more likely that you’ll get a click. What can I say, people are busy! (Or is it lazy?) The point is, we live in an age of instant gratification and if someone even slightly interested in your brand or product is given the opportunity to click then and there, you’re more likely to get some tangible ROI.

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Promote Multiple Links on Instagram with Linktree

Unlike Linkin.bio, Linktree focuses on making the most of that one hyperlink in your Instagram bio. When you sign up with them, you’ll get a Linktree link that houses any content you’ve been wanting to share with your followers.

With Linktree, the idea is that one link expands to multiple links, meaning you won’t have to change your #linkinbio nearly as often. Have videos, articles, and anything else you might share all in one place, all at one link.

When your followers click your Linktree link, it’ll open to a list of links in a theme of your choosing. You can easily manage multiple destinations and rearrange them however you choose.


How to Get Linktree

You’re in luck! Because Linktree is one of those Instagram apps that’s totally free. Just for signing up you’ll get unlimited links on your Linktree, you’ll see how many times each link gets clicked, and you can pick the theme you like.

But for $6 a month you can upgrade for features like email address capture, no Linktree branding, complete customization of your Linktree page, scheduling, and more.

Instagram Tools For Marketing Your Business

Linktree mobile app


Why You Need Linktree

Linktree seems to work best for businesses like musicians and solo entrepreneurs. Chances are if you’re selling products, you’ll already have a website that’s a bigger, better version of the list of links that Linktree offers as its Instagram management tools.

But perhaps if you’re an artist or a political activist looking to share videos and articles but you don’t need a full website, this is a great option. Again, it’s simply an attempt to make the most of that one available hyperlink on Instagram.

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Get Powerful Instagram Analytics with Iconosquare

Iconosquare is one of the various Instagram management tools that pretty much does it all. Boasting an easy-to-use interface and with quality features, it’s easy to see why it’s been a game changer for small business and major corporations alike.

With key social insights, you can use their analytics to make decisions on your marketing strategies since you can see when your followers are online, what their demographics are, and how much activity every post gets.

You can also respond to comments and messages from within the app and use their scheduler to preview and post on the feed and in your story. It’s an all-in-one service that works with both Instagram and Facebook.


 How to Get Iconosquare

Iconosquare can be a bit pricey, especially when you start adding on more accounts. But it could be worth it for your business. Starting at $29 a month, it’ll work with 3 profiles, give you access to analytics and the scheduler, and give you succinct XLS reports – AKA the numbers for your boss!

Although Iconosquare isn’t one of the free Instagram apps, they do offer free services like SMMartbox, a directory of social media tools, Instagram Audit which tests the optimization of your profile, and an Instagram Strategy Quiz to test your knowledge on social media.


Why You Need Iconosquare

Iconosquare is great for social media marketers who are managing a lot at once. All of the Instagram accounts you manage are viewed from the same interface and switching between them is simple.

You can upload from various sources like Dropbox or Google Drive and everything is automatic, like posting, tagging, and adding locations. As far as Instagram management tools go, Iconosquare seems to have it all.

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Find Micro Influencers on Instagram with People Map

People Map is all about connecting with other Instagrammers. It can be broken down into three uses: list management, list building, and campaign tracking.

As a list management tool, you can search people’s Instagrams and instantly see their average likes per post and percentage of engagement. Then, add them to a list. To make lists on lists to help you organize and manage potential partnerships.

 List building means you can search and filter using specific parameters. Say you want to find travel influencers on Instagram with at least 10,000 likes in Ft. Lauderdale. You can do it with People Map.

Then, once you’ve found and organized your partnerships, you can make and track campaigns, all through People Map.


 How to Get People Map 

People Map isn’t quite free, but they do offer a free trial to do some experimenting before you buy. Prices start at $20 a month with additional fees for adding multiple accounts and users. But if you’re wasting time with lists in a thousand places and no metrics on your campaigns, People Map could easily be worth it.


 Why You Need People Map 

 People Map is especially lucrative for PR pros, influencers looking to promote themselves, or companies often looking to partner with other brands or influencers on Instagram.

Making and managing lists that are searchable and specific will be a massive time saver when finding people to partner with. And the campaign feature is particularly handy when working with a lot of different influencers or companies as you promote multiple accounts or products.

Plus, it’s all trackable – good for companies and their ROI but equally advantageous for influencers to put a value to their influence.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I want to up my IG game in 2020, and I think Planoly might be able to help me with that. Love that there is a free version!

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