5 Common Instagram Mistakes & How to Fix Them


5 Common Instagram Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

You spend countless hours each week on your Instagram content but don’t seem to be getting the results you want. You gain 20 followers only to lose 30 the next day or you log in to find that last post got less than 100 likes.

It’s possible that you’re falling prey to a few common Instagram mistakes. But not to worry – these Instagram mistakes are completely avoidable and you’ve come to the right place for help. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well then, we’re on the right track.

Here are 5 Instagram mistakes you’re likely making and how to fix them: 

Instagram Mistake #1: You Don’t Know Your Purpose

One of the biggest Instagram mistakes is not having a clear focus and knowing why you’re using Instagram. It’s important to have a clear focus and purpose when developing your Instagram marketing strategy. So many people make the mistake of having unclear messaging. Maybe you’re a fitness studio looking to grow a community. Maybe you’re an author trying to create awareness for your brand before a big book release. Whatever it is, you should know understand why you’re leveraging Instagram as a marketing channel and develop a strategy to help you achieve it.

Knowing your purpose and having a goal in mind will help you plan ways to get there. Using the examples above, a fitness studio might offer a free trial to get people in the door or ask questions on Instagram Stories to interact with the community they’re trying to find.

An Instagram marketing tip for an aspiring author would be to post about their interests in a clear way. Did you write a cookbook? Post content of you in the kitchen. Did you write a book on productivity? Share your favorite apps that help you stay on track from day to day.

Figure out the purpose of your brand’s Instagram account first and set goals to attain that purpose. From there, you’re sure to start creating better content and getting better results.

Instagram Mistake #2: You’re a Faceless Brand

Stock photos are great but it’s important to use them as fillers, not your main content. Especially if you’re aiming to promote your personal brand, it’s essential to connect your face with what you’re selling. After all, people are more interested in other people than they are in brands or companies.

It’s easy for people to scroll past a cheesy image of an orange sunset or a smooth latte (as much as we love both), which makes it even more imperative to post interesting shots of yourself, whether that’s candids or professional shots.

Sharing with your audience what you actually spend your time doing is an Instagram marketing tip that’s almost unmatched. Not only does it help express your personality, your followers are naturally more inclined to have an opinion about it, getting them that much closer to checking out your product or service.

And don’t forget those Instagram captions! With your fun, engaging photos there should always be a caption that reflects the tone and vibe of your photos to inject your feed with some personality, making your Instagram far from faceless.


Instagram Mistake #3: You Have No Visual Theme or Aesthetic

Like it or not, people follow (and keep following) beautiful brands. It’s important to have a finely tuned feed that quickly conveys your brands and services in an appealing way that draws people in. Whether you use a color scheme or a specific grid layout, making your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing is an Instagram marketing tip not to be ignored.

Start simply by choosing the same filters for all your photos or use an app like Planoly to pre-plan your Instagram grid. Streamline your photos by using a unique border or add some text so that people recognize your brand even when quickly swiping past.

Plus, with Instagram Stories, there’s a lot less pressure to create polished looks every time. Maybe you’ve got a last minute announcement that needs sharing, but no graphics ready for a post. What to do?! Instead of posting something rushed to your feed, throwing the visual grid out of whack, just add a bit of text to your Story. That’s right, you don’t even need an image! Give yourself time to create a more formal announcement (that fits your aesthetic) later.

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Instagram Mistake #4: You Lack Consistency

Consistency is key to getting results that stick. Find a cadence that works well for your brand and go with that. Once your followers get used to seeing daily or weekly content on your Instagram, they’ll come to expect it and hopefully be excited about what you have to say next. Consistency gets followers and often creates buzz.

The real trick with this one is having an actionable plan for consistency. Sure, it’s a good thought to post every day. But only if that’s manageable for your schedule. But here’s a (not-so secret) Instagram marketing tip that will save you tons of time and make it doable to stay consistent: batching content.

By batching content, you create everything you’re planning to post on Instagram for the whole month (or even two!) in one single sitting. That way you’ll never run out of content and everything’s prepped, ready to go live! And nowadays with Instagram scheduling, there’s no excuse for inconsistent content.

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Instagram Mistake #5: You’re Not Being Social

I know, it may seem obvious – but being social is an incredibly important component to having success on Instagram. Due to changes in Instagram’s algorithm, phoning it in (undoubtedly one of the most common Instagram mistakes) is no longer an option – at least not a viable option. Put the social back in social media by actually interacting with your followers.

Instead of simply posting and peacing-out, do a search to find new influencers and other brands who might like your stuff. Reach out to them, say hello, and you never know – you may have just met your next collaborator. Ask questions in your Instagram Stories, reply to comments, and direct message your followers if you notice something interesting. Long story short, the one Instagram marketing tip that you should take advantage of, is simply remembering that this is social media. So make it more social!

Whether you’ve been making one or all of these Instagram mistakes, don’t be discouraged! Instagram is a platform that is constantly evolving so staying educated on the best Instagram marketing tips for your brand is key. Start by making some of the small tweaks in this post and you’ll start to see improvements immediately.

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