My Foolproof Process for Planning Instagram Content in Advance
How to Create 60 Days of Instagram Content in One Day


How to Create 60 Days of Instagram Content in One Day

I remember when I first started marketing my business on Instagram. I knew that maintaining a consistent posting was going to be key to my success. Brands that post content on a consistent basis report higher levels of engagement and follower growth.

Armed with those important facts, I was determined to post new content on Instagram every single day. But then – something happened. Life got in the way. I had the best of intentions but some days due to my ever-growing to-do list, sleeping through my alarm, or just plain forgetfulness (gulp) I didn’t post.

Late last year, I realized that if I was going to get serious about marketing my brand on Instagram I needed a plan. Simply posting to Instagram on the fly was clearly not a recipe for success. Ready to finally get serious about planning your Instagram content? Here’s how to create 60 days of Instagram content in just one day:

Find the right posting cadence for your Instagram content.

I initially thought that planning my content a week or two in advance would work for me – but then I realized I needed more lead time in order to truly plan strong content.

After all, I wanted to use Instagram to promote my services, latest blog posts, and of course share more about myself. I first started by planning my content 30 days in advance, but quickly moved to a 60 day strategy.

I like the 60 day strategy because I only worry about planning content every other month. I find that by having a break from planning content, I’m more refreshed when it’s time to plan new content. Additionally, I’m usually brimming with ideas for new posts by that time.

There’s been a lot of discussion about how often you should post on Instagram. Some people suggest that you post daily and I’ve even seem more aggressive suggestions of posting multiple times per day. My advice is to find a posting strategy that works well for you. Keep in mind, that the name of the game is consistency.

It’s more important that you show up on a regular basis than showing up sometimes or sporadically. Don’t go feast or famine on your audience! Due to this, I recommend posting to your Instagram Feed a minimum of 3 times per week or 12 posts per month. Now, all of a sudden planning a 60 day content plan in one day seems a lot more attainable, right?

Keep your Instagram content current

Although I plan my content well in advance, it’s important that my content feels “in the moment”. Due to this, I leave a few posts without captions (details to follow) so that I can occasionally provide real-time captions for a new post I’m publishing.

Another great tactic for staying “in the moment” with your audience is to use Instagram Stories. I like to refer to Instagram Stories as “life unscripted”. Stories allows you to be more casual with your audience. I’ll often post daily “hello” stories to my audience to ask them what they’re up to. Stories is also a great opportunity to test out content you’re unsure of to see how it performs with your audience.

It’s also important to consider factors like holidays and important events that will be trending on social media.

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Batch photos for your Instagram posts

Obviously, photos are crucial on Instagram. I also find that batching photos is one of the more timely aspects of planning my feed. My photos typically consist of original content, stock photos, and curated photos.

I will spend a few hours batching original content and stock photos that I’d like to include in my upcoming content calendar. I typically will curate content on a daily basis while I’m on Instagram by using the Instagram bookmarking feature.

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Visually plan your Instagram content

Once I have batched all of my photos, I will begin the visual planning process. There are several tools on the market that allow you to plan your Instagram content visually, but I prefer Planoly. Once I have all of my photos uploaded in Planoly I can easily rearrange them to get the right balance and create a feed that is aesthetically pleasing.

planoly instagram content

Planoly Mobile App

Prefer to plan out your content in a more analog fashion? Check out, The Content Planner. With the 12-month content planner, you can plan out all of your social media content for the year (or month-by-month) easily and in a beautiful way!

content planner

Schedule your Instagram content 

Once I have all my photos in an appealing order, I will start scheduling my posts. I like to use Iconosquare analytics to determine the best time to schedule my posts. If you’re not in market for a paid analytics tool, Squarelovin provides free analytics which will help you figure out the best time to post and the time of day your content receives the more user interactions, so you can schedule accordingly.

instagram analytics

best time to post on instagram

Insert caption here

My next step is to enter my Instagram captions. I typically will leave a few posts captionless, so I can insert a caption on the fly (typically 1 per week). For the rest of the posts, I’ll spend some time during my morning commute writing captions for posts. I can usually bang through this process in an hour or two.

When I write captions, I like to feel inspired not rushed, so I often will make a day of it. I will head to my favorite cafe, order a delicious vanilla latte, put on headphones with soft background music and get to work. When creating captions, it’s helpful to batch your content into themes. For example, I typically use my Instagram feed to share social media tips, productivity apps, helpful books and podcasts, inspiration and motivation, and updates on real life.

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Hashtag it

By now you already know that hashtags are a crucial part of getting your posts exposed to the right audience on Instagram. I love the fact that Planoly’s Hashtag Manager now allows you to create and manage hashtag groups so that you can switch up your hashtags depending on your post content.

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Set it (and sort of) forget it! 

Rejoice! Instagram now allows users with business accounts to schedule posts automatically to Instagram. No more phone notifications and then going into post manually! It’s still important to make sure that your logging into Instagram every day and interacting with your followers and responding to comments to maximize post engagement.

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