How to Rapidly Increase Instagram Followers


10 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers (And Stop Unfollows)

When I first started marketing on Instagram, I was a little daunted by the task of posting every day. I would strugle to find the right photos and content and as a result my feed looked kind of a hot mess. I treated it much like my personal Instagram feed where I would post anything and everything.

As a result, my content was very disjointed and I was losing Instagram followers almost as quickly as I was gaining them. Followers didn’t know what to expect from my feed and wehn I posted something that wasn’t relevant to their needs it resulted in the dreaded unfollow.

Now I get thousands of new Instagram followers daily. I take the time to plan my content in advance, only post content relevant to my brand, and use targeted hashtags to attract followers in my niche. The reality is, in order to attract the right audience you need to attract content that’s interesting and exciting for your audience.

increase instagram followers

Instagram Analytics from Squarelovin

Here are 10 tips that you can start using today to rapidly increase Instagram followers and stop those dreaded unfollows:

1) Post Interesting Content

In order to increase Instagram followers you need to post interesting content. Instagram users want to follow brands that post exciting and interesting content. So you need to ensure that what you are posting is engaging, fun, and interesting. Rather than simply posting about product and services, post content about daily operations and events. Sourcing content from followers is another good way to keep content fresh and interesting.

2) Post Regularly

To increase Instagram followers you need to ensure that you are providing content. This means posting regularly on Instagram. Creating an Instagram posting schedule is one way to ensure that you are posting on your brands Instagram account regularly. One way to lose followers is to post irregularly. If your Instagram account is not active people will not want to follow it. Optimally, you want to post once a day on Instagram, but ensure that your content is relevant. Posting exciting and relevant content once every two days is better than irrelevant content three times a day.

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3) Post at the Right Time

Posting at the right time can have a big impact on increasing your Instagram followers. An easy way to work out how well your posts are doing is to monitor how many likes and comments your posts get when posted at different times of the day. If your brand is only focused in one country or time zone, then this is easier. For brands that focus on attracting customers across different time zones and countries, then you may need to post at key times that hit your various target markets. Posting at a popular time for engagement for your brand can help to increase your following.

Iconosquare is a great analytics tool for determining which time your content gets the most engagement. Once you identify what time your content receives the best engagement you can schedule your posts to go live at those time. As you can see from the chart below, Tuesdays at 9am are when my posts receive the most engagement from my followers.

iconosqure time to post analytics

Instagram Analytics from Iconosquare

4) Connect and Engage

At the end of the day Instagram is about engagement. If your brand is engaged on Instagram then more people will want to follow! Ensure that your brand is engaged by responding to comments that are posted on your Instagram photos. Also make sure to spend time liking other photos on Instagram of content that is similar to your brands. The more your brand connects with other users on Instagram the more users will be intrigued to have a look at your brands Instagram account and follow.

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5) Encourage User-generated Content

Users of Instagram love following brands that engage with their followers. Increase this engagement by encouraging user-generated content. Not only are customers providing your brand with Instagram usable content, but they are also gaining exposure of their own personal accounts via yours. This is a win-win for brands as it provides unique content that can be reposted and Instagram users love seeing their own work appreciated and reposted. Instagram users will follow brands that encourage user-generated content too for a chance to have their content reposted.

6) Cross Promote

Instagram is still a relatively new social media platform that brands are embracing. Therefore, some of your customers might not know that your brand is on Instagram. Make sure that you let your customers know that your brand is on Instagram by publicizing this on your brands existing social media platforms. Instagram lets you post your Instagram photos onto your brands other social media accounts. Consider posting Instagram photos onto your brands other social media accounts to cross promote your brands Instagram account for more followers. Ensure you include a link to your Instagram account via a badge on your website and in all of your emails. You can also include an Instagram feed of your most recent photos on your brands Facebook page too.

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7) Use Hashtags

A key way to gain more followers on Instagram is to use hashtags. These can be trending Instagram hashtags that are popular currently, but make sure they are relevant to your brand. A good way to increase your followers using hashtags is to research hashtags that match your brand and how popular these are. When you search for a hashtag on Instagram, it will show how many times the hashtag has been used. Then to keep consistency, use the same relevant hashtags in each of your posts to gain followers who are interested in what your brand is offering. Instagram only allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, so make the most of this by using the most relevant but popular hashtags to increase followers.


8) Ask Users to Tag a Friend

If you want to increase Instagram followers then one way you can do this is to ask users to tag their friends. To do this, ask followers to tag a friend in the comments section of a post responding to a call to action about your product or brand. This way, your brands content will pop up in other users notifications when they are tagged in a comment. This will then lead the user to go to your brands post and Instagram account and potentially follow your brand. This tactic works really well if your brand is holding an event to also publicize your event and your Instagram account.

9) Turn on Suggested Follows

A great way to increase Instagram followers for your brand is to ensure your suggested follows is turned on. In your Instagram profile, go to settings and edit your profile. Then tick the suggested follows box to come up as a suggested Instagram profile to follow. This way anytime an Instagram user follows a similar Instagram account, you will pop up underneath the follow button as a suggested follow. This is a great way to gain followers for your brands Instagram account as users often click through to similar accounts they are interested in and follow them too.

10) Use Sponsored Posts

Another way to increase Instagram followers is to utilize sponsored posts to appeal to a wider audience. Find Instagram accounts with an already established large following that is relevant to your brand. This often means approaching bloggers with large followings who accept sponsored posts. You do have to pay for the blogger to post about your product, but this does have the potential to give a big boost in your brands Instagram followers.

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