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What Holds You Back from Nailing the Sale with Sue Begent

Sue Begent’s coaching journey began with an adventure-fueled path that brought her from the field of nursing in the UK to a backpacking trip leading to a 25-year career as a marketing executive in Australia. Sue then made the move to the U.S. where she has followed her passion and become a sales, marketing, and mindset coach for women who are working on building their businesses. 

But like many female solopreneurs, Sue can relate to the anxiety that comes with sales conversations, especially when the product you are promoting is near and dear to your heart- like your personal brand! 

Armed with decades of personal experience and an arsenal of marketing and psychology knowledge, Sue challenges women of all walks of life to show up as their genuine selves in their business, and watch how tackling our mental blocks can lead to true connection, less stress, and better results in every aspect of business- and life!

In this episode, Sue shares her insights into reducing the stress associated with sales conversations and facing your internal mind blocks in order to foster genuine communication and connection with potential clients.

How could you remove the stress from sales and achieve genuine connection with your clients?


Key Points: 

(02:17) Facing down the (sometimes) terrifying challenge of sales!

(03:04) Sue’s business journey and mission to “normalize” sales

(04:25) Taking the pressure off the sales conversation

(05:18) Mindset blocks and how our developmental subconscious messages can hinder our future success

(07:58) How negative self-talk and image issues lead to anxiety and imposter syndrome

(09:05) There is hope! Neuroplasticity and the ability to shift your mindset

(12:48) Being genuine during pre-sales to make clients feel seen

(14:46) Example of pre-selling and connecting with ideal clients

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About Sue:

Sue Begent is originally from the UK, (and after 8 years as a nurse), a major backpacking trip, led her to Australia and a 25-year executive career, in sales and brand marketing. In 2001, Sue was invited to the US to her first position in global marketing. For many years, Sue was a global director in two major multi-national corporations, ultimately becoming the marketing lead for a US launch.

In 2017, Sue decided to follow her heart and became a sales, marketing, and mindset coach for women. Sue serves coaches and service-based solopreneurs. She’s passionate about supporting women of all races, backgrounds, and beliefs to succeed and claim the success they deserve. From falling down and standing back up, Sue learned what creates success – experience that ultimately led to the creation of her signature program “Become Unstoppable”, a 12-week intensive that provides everything you need to successfully launch and grow your high-ticket program.

You can learn more about Sue at
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About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a branding and marketing agency that helps service based solopreneurs turn their passions into profitable businesses.

You can learn more about Jacinta at
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