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Easy Ways to Build Multiple Streams of Income


Easy Ways to Generate Multiple Streams of Income with Katrina Garnes

It’s a wonder that serial entrepreneur Katrina Garnes finds time to sleep. Between her 9-to-5 position as Director of Marketing and Communications in higher education, her role as Founder and CEO of Cold Storm Media Productions LLC and Delectable Vending LLC, and her recently launched coaching website, Katrina is constantly in action, making carer moves and securing her multiple streams of income.

But Katrina will be the first to tell you- being an entrepreneur with multiple side hustles and “passive” income streams isn’t the laid-back, glamorized career that social media influencers often make it out to be.

Running a business (or two, or three) takes a great deal of hard work, personal dedication, and countless long nights and weekends spent pursuing your passion and creating a financial safety net. This allows you to plan your “exit strategy” and establish a name for yourself- requiring years of work before you get to sip those cocktails while you work from the beach (seriously, social media influencers- no one does that).

In this episode, Katrina reveals the reality of running an entrepreneurial empire, and offers advice for anyone just starting out.

How can you set yourself and your business up for financial success?


Key Points: 

(01:19) How Katrina got started on her entrepreneurial “journey of curiosity”

(02:39) Experiences led to the creation of Cold Storm Media Productions LLC and eventually Delectable Vending LLC

(04:39) Advice for where to begin as an entrepreneur with nothing but an idea

(07:23) What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur

(09:20) Where side hustles fit in the bigger picture of your income streams

(12:54) Biggest myths about multiple streams of income

(14:02) Diversifying your income (and doing the work!)

(15:06) Financial security and self-insurance


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How To Generate Multiple Streams Of Income

About Katrina:

Katrina Garnes has been an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses and media opportunities since graduating from Francis Marion University with her Bachelor’s in Mass Communications. She has been a side-hustle queen, working a 9 to 5 job serving as Director of Marketing and Communications, while juggling the role of being Founder and CEO of Cold Storm Media Productions LLC and Delectable Vending LLC.

You can learn more about Katrina at:
– Follow on IG at @katrinagarnes

About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a branding and marketing agency that helps service based solopreneurs turn their passions into profitable businesses.

You can learn more about Jacinta at
– Follow on IG at jacinta_gandy
– Follow on FB at jacintagandy

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Show Transcription:

Jacinta Gandy 0:02
Welcome to Hustle with Purpose, the show that encourages us to leave the busy life behind and focus our time and energy on the things that fuel our passion and align with our purpose. I’m your host Jacinta Gandy, let’s get to it.

Jacinta Gandy 0:20
Welcome to Hustle with Purpose. My guest today is Katrina Garnes. Katrina has been an entrepreneur juggling multiple businesses and media opportunities since graduating from Francis Marion University with her bachelor’s in mass communication. She has been a side hustle queen, working a nine to five job serving as Director of Marketing and Communications, while juggling the role of being founder and CEO of Cold Storm Media Production and Delectable Vending. Welcome to the show, Katrina.

Katrina Garnes 0:52
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Jacinta Gandy 0:55
Yes, I am so excited to talk to you today. Because we’re talking about a really, really great topic, which is creating multiple streams of income, which I think is super important, for all entrepreneurs. So really, really excited to dig into this with you. But before we get started, I love it if you can just share with our listeners a little bit about how you got started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Katrina Garnes 1:19
Ah, well, my journey started when I was in undergrad, I guess you can call it a journey of curiosity. I came from a small town. So going into undergrad in a slightly larger city for me, it was an eye opening experience. And it was also an excellent learning opportunity. So yeah, I was thinking I wanted to be a writer, but then that changed after having to write paper after paper. And I even did internships at the radio station and a lot of people don’t know, I could have started a career in radio. But I soon dove into television broadcasting. And from there, I just wanted to learn everything about it, whether it was like interviewing the video editing, the production, audio, the lighting, you name it. So I did a lot of research, and I did a lot of studying and shadowing, even outside of the traditional learning environment. And then that eventually led me to begin interviewing local public figures, such as the mayor, judges, starting a web show, and just making somewhat of a name for myself as a rising entrepreneur in the business community in that area. And then ultimately, I created Cold Storm Media Productions where I help local businesses using video as a marketing tool online. And ever since then, costar media has been evolving. Now it’s a company that offers just a wide range of creative services such as marketing strategies, visual branding, website development, and much more. And then, of course, I have my personal brand, with the vision of creating spaces of empowerment and learning for women of color, where I offer a variety of one on one services, training, workshops, events, mentorship, and much more. And more recently, my company developed Delectable Vending, which offer full-line vending services for vending. So vending machines.

Jacinta Gandy 3:35

Katrina Garnes 3:36
Yeah, a lot going on. Not to mention my primary source of income, which is my nine to five, where I serve as Director of Marketing and Communications at a Graduate Institute. So I’m a busybody. I’m a professional multitasker is what I tell people.

Jacinta Gandy 3:50
Yeah, I mean, you absolutely are. I mean, I’ll be honest, I got exhausted just listen to all that. I’m like how is she doing all of this? But I am really curious because I do think having multiple streams of income is really important, you know, for those entrepreneurs that I mean, because I do I hear this a lot from entrepreneurs, like, they’ll tell me, they want to start a business or that they’re in the process of starting a business, but they actually have three business ideas and like, they’re, you know, not sure, like how to start or how to get these different businesses up and running. As someone who has been able to successfully do that, what advice would you give to someone like that?

Katrina Garnes 4:39
That’s a great question. And I say that’s a great question because that’s one of the reasons why when I launched katrinagarnes.com a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to offer one-on-one services to help aspiring entrepreneurs to think through this because it can be very confusing. Now, keep in mind, I know I just named a lot of things but I just recently started Delectable Vending. I’ll get more into that later. But what I’ve noticed, especially now, people, they often want instant success, they want instant income… But research, research, research. For example, take Delectable Vending, my latest business, I started doing research about different industries. And that’s kind of how I got into that. But we have so many resources at the tip of our fingers. I mean, everything from using Google to now Facebook groups is a great resource. But we have to put in the extra effort to do the research into these industries, or even the library, a lot of people forget about those. But I just say, figure out where the need is and to create a business that creates a solution. And that’s just a simple formula that I tell people, because a lot of times, we have a lot of ideas, but a lot of times it’s not a need for that particular idea. And I’ll just say start there, figure out what the need is and how you can provide a solution. And from there just doing your research and taking your time because a lot of things are rushed these days.

Jacinta Gandy 6:13
Yeah, I actually think that’s a really important point. And I think that so many people, they get into entrepreneurship, where they have a great business idea. And then they launch it, and then they’re like, hmm, wait a minute, how come I’m not generating any sales? How am I not generating any clients? And then they kind of have to work backward and go back and do their research, and then figure out like, Okay, what problem can I solve right now. And once they narrow that down, then all of a sudden, the business opens up for them, and they start generating, you know, like, leads and, you know, getting more sales and clients, I do really think that is an important piece of it. I think so much of you know, the thing that you hear around entrepreneurship is like, pursue your passion. And we’re all about that. And we definitely want people to do their passion, but I don’t think you can lose sight of the fact that like, is your business even viable? Right? Because if you’re pursuing a passion that like no one else is interested in or like, you know, as is recognizing this as like a viable thing, then like, you’re kind of just spinning your wheels. It’s a hobby, basically.

Katrina Garnes 7:22
Right. And then a lot of times I blame social media, I’m gonna blame social media a lot. Entrepreneurship is often glamorized on social media. So, you know, a lot of people go into it thinking that it’s easy, but it’s not for everyone. I will say that. It is not as easy as it seems to be. And you have to be willing, in some cases that change your normal lifestyle, what you’re used to, it takes a certain mindset. And well, everyone’s not meant for that physically or mentally. So those are things to take into consideration to out see that.

Jacinta Gandy 7:56
Yeah, I completely agree with you on the whole glamorization on social media and like how they’re always showing someone like laying by a beach with a laptop, and just like, you know, sipping a cocktail and like, this is the life, trust me, I’ve been to the beach and like, I definitely don’t want my laptop with me. I don’t think it’s good for the laptop or for you, right? And I just feel like there are all of these images of that being the entrepreneurial life, but in fact, the entrepreneurial life is completely different, right? It’s early mornings. It’s late days, especially if they’re like you, and they’re a serial entrepreneur, and they’re juggling multiple things.

Katrina Garnes 8:39

Jacinta Gandy 8:42
I feel like another thing that I really want to talk to you about is side hustler or side hustle mode is often kind of something that, you know, I agree, I feel like everyone nowadays, whether your goal is to become a full-time entrepreneur or not, you should definitely have a side hustle. But I also think a lot of people are like, how do I leave my job, you know? I just want to quit my job and I want to be a full-time business owner. So I mean to you, do you think that remaining employed full time growing a business is a better strategy?

Katrina Garnes 9:20
Hmm. So well, I’ll use an example because my day-to-day is a true example or my life, in general, is a true example. But some instances that happened today is a perfect example for me to use. So as you know, I work in higher education as Director of Marketing and Communications. So earlier today, I did a consultation with another college and the consultation was to assist them with their marketing efforts. Now that connection was made because of my nine to five in higher education and the work that I’ve done and what I’ve been able to produce. So I would say use your nine to five as a stepping stone in some cases. But use your nine to five as a way to help fund your entrepreneurial goals and investments. Do not leave your nine to five without a plan, dude. And I’ll say this, again, do not leave your nine to five without a plan. I mean, full-time entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And I said that before. You have to be physically and mentally ready for full-time entrepreneurship. I would use it, it just depends on what your goals are, what your wants are. And if it’s something that you’re ready to do, as you can see, I’m still juggling all of these things. I have the capacity to know how and the creative and organizational skills to do this. But I’m not quite ready for entrepreneurship. And you know, some of my clients are full-time entrepreneurs, and I’m able to successfully help them. I just think it’s all about what it is that you want and not feeling pressured by societal norms. I guess that’s, that’s my answer to that.

Jacinta Gandy 11:01
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And I completely agree with the whole, do not quit your job until you have a plan. Again, like just going back to the glamorization of social media, I feel like that’s another one that was heavily glamorized this whole, like, I went to this conference, or I took this course. And then I quit my job the next day. And it’s like, look, I get it, sometimes you’re in like a toxic environment. And, you know, it just might be a situation where it’s not good for your mental health, and maybe you need to figure out an alternative. But I also think, like this idea of just, you know, I don’t know, put up an Instagram post to become famous overnight, I still think there’s a lot more work that needs to be done to sort of debunking that. And I also love that you said that, using your full-time job as a way to grow your business, I mean, the people that you’re meeting in your full-time job, if you’re planning on becoming, you know, an entrepreneur, those could all be potential connections. They may not be entrepreneurs, and maybe they know other people that they could connect you to. So, I also like the idea of using your full-time business to fund your side hustle, right? Because I feel like so many times, you know, people, they, they don’t achieve that growth, because maybe they’re like, Oh, well, I don’t have any money to invest in my business. And it’s like, well, I’m sorry to break your heart. If you don’t have any money to invest in your business, your business is probably not going to grow, you know?

Katrina Garnes 12:34
Right. Right. Right. Exactly. Right.

Jacinta Gandy 12:37
Yeah. So I’m curious, what do you think, just giving all of these things that we talked about in terms of, you know, entrepreneurship, being glamorized on social media, and people bragging about quitting their jobs overnight and becoming rich and famous? Like, what do you think are some of the biggest myths about multiple streams of income?

Katrina Garnes 13:00
I will say this, passive income sometimes isn’t as passive as people say. So I have multiple streams of income, and one of my incomes I would say is more of a passive stream of income. So when you’re thinking about different ways to bring in new revenue, new ways of bringing in income, use the vending machines as an example. Um, though there’s a great deal of time where I’m not doing anything but collecting my coins, at some point, there is going to be work required, whether it’s administrative work, or me updating a product, restocking the machines, it requires some type of work. So just you know, go into any situation where an additional source of income is coming in, knowing that you have to put in some type of work. Um, another thing is a myth is that you if you don’t specialize or anything, or if you’re not particularly good at anything, which everyone’s good at something, but this one really hits home to me, because I always said that I could never do anything other than what I love as a career hits the correlation between my job and my business, with Cold Storm Media and my nine to five, but I think sometimes that deters people away from seeing what their full potential really is, in support of diversifying the types of income that we have. Um, you have to be willing to put in the time and put in the work and do the research. That’s not to say that at the end of the day, you might not come out as an expert at the end. Because Lord knows, I didn’t think I would know how to fix coin machines a few months back, but I do now! But I think a myth is that you have to specialize and in particular, to start another stream of income.

Katrina Garnes 15:05
And if I had to say one more thing, I would say, a myth about having multiple streams of income is that you’re not financially secure now. So I tell people all the time, it’s very important to diversify the types of income that you have coming in and not being reliant on one source. And I tell this story, and I wrote a little bit about it in an ebook that I wrote a few years back when I was just starting and really just getting started with my career, but I’ve moved all the way to Atlanta from South Carolina. And when I got to Atlanta, everything’s going great with my new job, new money, I’m excited. And then boom, I get laid off. Now I just really, you know, I up uprooted my entire life. I would just say, never keep all your eggs in one basket. Having multiple streams of income doesn’t mean that you’re, you know, broke or lacking in one area, it’s just a form of insurance. For me, a nine to five to me is a financial risk, they can let you go at any day your salary can get cut. It’s just a way of being prepared. So look at it like that. I mean, it could be anything from doing consultations to starting a blog, write an ebook, whatever it may be, but I would just say, for everyone to have some type of additional stream of income to supplement your primary source of income because anything can happen.

Jacinta Gandy 16:42
Yeah, I completely agree. Well said, I feel like, you know, this pandemic, unfortunately, has been a big reminder of that. For so many people who really are in a position where they’re forced to re-evaluate their profession or the way, they make money or even their business. And learning that you know, it’s important to have multiple streams of income, you know, and it’s important to really recognize that. Yeah, having a full-time job doesn’t necessarily equal security, right? There’s a lot of things that can happen. And there’s a lot of things that could make that a more fragile situation than having your own business in some circumstances.

Katrina Garnes 17:33

Jacinta Gandy 17:34
Thank you so much for joining me today, Katrina. I’ve really, really enjoyed talking to you. Before we disconnect, can you tell our listeners where they can learn more about you?

Katrina Garnes 17:45
Yes, I just relaunched my website, www.Katrinagarnes.com. So they can find out more information about me, more information about my businesses, and just all things Katrina Garnes. I’m really excited about this. Like I said, I just launched a website two weeks ago, I’ve been undergoing a rebranding, my life has changed, my values have changed. So my brand is just changing with me. And I’m just excited for everyone to see what it is that I have to offer and how I can help other women of color in the community.

Jacinta Gandy 18:23
Yes, thank you again, so much for being on the show today.

Katrina Garnes 18:28
You’re welcome. Thank you for having me.

Jacinta Gandy 18:31
Thanks for listening to Hustle with Purpose. For more information on today’s show, check out the show notes. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher Radio.


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