Where to Find Cool Stock Photos for Your Blog


Where to Find Cool Stock Photos for Your Blog

where to get cool stock photos for your blog

Are you tired of searching high and low for cool stock photos for your blog? 

When I did my website relaunch a few months ago I was super excited. I finally had a strong brand image and knew exactly what I wanted my website to convey. I choose a website theme that I loved. Selected fonts and colors that I adored. I created a Pinterest board to help my web designer bring my brand to life. Everything was off to a great start. And then it happened. I realized I needed stock photos.

See the problem was, I didn’t have any photos for my website that were on brand. Although I had carefully combed through Pinterest to get photos that reflected my brand for my mood board, obtaining cool stock photos for my website was a totally different story. So, what did I do? I did what I do best. I scoured the internet for HOURS! Rest assured, it was not pretty. No man, no woman, nor child should have to go to the depths of the internet in search of cool stock photos. So, I’ve compiled a list of places where you can get cool stock photos for your next creative project.  Here are 8 places to find cool stock photos for your blog:  


The team at Bloguettes was “so sick of lame stock photos” they decided to create a collection of clean, styled, feminine, cool stock photos. Their Stock That Rocks photo subscription starts at just $29 for 15 photos per month. However, if you’re just looking to complete a creative project you can purchase their stock photos on a la carte basis, which typically starts at $10 a photo.

Paid Stock Photo from Bloguettes

Paid Stock Photo from Bloguettes

Creative Market

Creative Market is a great resource for all things creative. If you’re looking for a template to design your website, business cards, or even a Powerpoint presentation, you should definitely check out Creative Market. In addition to all of their great templates, they also have cool stock photos that are sold by artists in the community.

After some careful searching, I managed to find an artist on the site who really spoke to my brand’s vibe. I purchased a bundle of stock photos to use on both my website and business cards.

Paid Stock Photo from Creative Market

Paid Stock Photo from Creative Market



Although Twenty20 is on the pricier side, if you use a credit program it’s well worth the investment for a one-time project like a website. Twenty20 avoids cheesy stock photos by having a community of professional photographers. These photographers submit photos that can be sold on their website. Twenty20 also has a social component which allows you to follow photographers that you like, as well as curate photos based on themes like road trips, island vacations, and holidays.



Unsplash specializes in beautiful free stock photo images that are gifted by their community of photographers. All of the photos on their site are free for personal and commercial purposes and require no attribution or credits when posted. The best part of Unsplash? Since they are community-based, there are cool stock photos being added on a daily basis. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this one!

Free Stock Photo from Unsplash

Free Stock Photo from Unsplash

Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics is a great site for creative projects like designing your website or creating digital products. They have a wide variety of photos making the site a great resource for bloggers and brands looking for lifestyle, food, travel, beauty, and fashion photos. Additionally, each photo comes with a filter pack that allows you to style to perfectly match your brand.

Free Stock Photo from KaboomPics

Free Stock Photo from KaboomPics

Negative Space

In addition to having a searchable database of high-resolution photos, you can also receive 10 free photos each week when you sign up for Negative Space’s email list. All images are completely free to use and don’t require any attribution.

Free Stock Photo from Negative Space

Free Stock Photo from Negative Space


This website has a similar look and style to Negative Space, with one very important difference. ShotStash has a partnership with ShutterStock where they promote paid stock photos alongside their free stock photo options. This is a great website if you’re willing to spend a bit more for quality paid photos when you’re unable to find free stock photos for your blog.

Free Stock Photo from ShotStash

Free Stock Photo from ShotStash


Styled stock photos are all the rage and this website doesn’t disappoint! StyledStock provides a large catalog of feminine stock photos that are perfect for your next blog post or creative project. Although no attribution is required, they do appreciate backlinks to their site.

styled stock photos for bloggers

Free Stock Photo from StyledStock

Welp, that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of places to fing hiqh quality stock images for your brand. Looking for more stock photo resources? Check out my free stock photo resources guide and let me know if I missed any other stock photo sites in the comments.

where to get cool stock photos for your blog


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