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Build a $10MM Business in 10 Hours


How to Build a $10MM Business in 10 Hours/Week with Leonie Dawson

How could prioritizing your workload provide you with more freedom in your business? It is common for entrepreneurs to set annual income goals; perhaps having a successful business to you might mean making $100,000 per year, or making $250,000 annually and still being able to take holidays off.

Leonie Dawson started with this approach also: as the sole breadwinner for her family, she wanted to be able to support her family financially and make at least $30,000/year. But when she had a baby, she was forced to cut way back on her time spent working, and maximize her productivity in the short working hours she had. Over time, she developed the skills to build a multi-million dollar empire while only working 10 hours a week!

In this episode, Leonie shares information about her incredible journey to creating a successful business enabling her to live the lifestyle she wants while maintaining financial independence and only working 10 hours a week. 

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Key Points: 

(02:14) How Leonie pursued her passion and founded a business

(06:16) The journey to working 10 hours a week 

(07:32) Managing motherhood while running a business

(08:55) Making it to the $10 million dollar milestone

(11:32) Breakdown of Leonie’s income sources

(12:35) Making the decision to strengthen business skills

(15:00) Four quadrants of personal growth and business development

(16:36) Influential resources that fueled Leonie’s success

(21:00) Current events and impacts to lifestyle and productivity


About Leonie:

Leonie Dawson is an acclaimed entrepreneur who has created over $10m in revenue while only working 10 hours a week. She is the #1 best-selling author of the My Shining Year goals workbooks. Leonie has been recognised for her business acumen as finalist for Australian Business Woman of the Year awards and Ausmumpreneur of the Year. Leonie lives on the Sunshine Coast, Australia with her husband and two daughters.

About Your Host:

Jacinta Gandy is passionate about small business and a champion of women’s entrepreneurship. She’s the founder of Social Circle, a branding and marketing agency that helps service based solopreneurs turn their passions into profitable businesses.

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