9 Productivity Apps to Manage Your Crazy To Do List
9 Productivity Apps to Manage Your Crazy To Do List


9 Productivity Apps to Manage Your Crazy To Do List

One of the biggest challenges of being a solopreneur is managing our ever-growing to-do lists! If you’re anything like me, you probably make lists for everything. Whether its a quick list for grocery shopping or household chores, or more extensive lists to keep track of finances or plan your content calendar. Whether the tasks are big or small, staying organized is an absolute must. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by keeping track of all you to do lists, you’ll definitely want to check out these 9 Productivity Apps to Help You Get More Done. Here are 9 of the best productivity apps to manage your crazy to do list: 

Productivity Apps #1 – Build better habits with Productive

In Your Best Year Ever, Michael Hyatt discusses how both achievement and habit goals can help us design the future we want. Achievement goals are focused on one-time accomplishments. Habit goals, on the other hand, involve regular, ongoing activities.

Habit goals could include starting a daily meditation practice or going for a twenty-minute walk each day. To further illustrate,  if you have an achievement goal to read 50 books by the end of the year, a corresponding habit goal would be to read for 45 minutes each day.

I initially started using Productive to keep track of my personal fitness goals. However,  I quickly realized what a powerful productivity tool it could be for my business. The Productive app to keep track of virtually any recurring task. Productive’s, easy to use, recurring task manager allows tracking of both personal and business goals.

So, what makes Productive one of the best productivity apps for bloggers? Users have the ability to set up recurring reminders through the Productive app. These scheduled reminders provide a little nudge throughout the day to help you stick to your goals. For example, if your goal is to drink more water or take more breaks during work hours, you can program the app to send you recurring reminders.

The app also features a Life Log that encourages you to crush your to-do list by building a perfect streak by completing all scheduled habits for a specific day. Productive also works great for eliminating bad habits.

If you’re trying to quit caffeine, staying up too late, or watching Real Housewives, Productive can help!


best productiviey apps

Build Better Habits with Productive


Apps for Productivity #2 – Organize Multiple Tasks with Google Keep

Arghhh! Why is keeping a simple to do list so difficult??? Over the years, I’ve tried several productivity apps to manage my ever expanding to do list. In the end, no matter how sophisticated the system was I would always decide that the process of “input and output” of simple to do items was always too great and ended up deferring to plain old pen and paper.

Google Keep allows you to quickly add to-do items from your mobile phone or desktop. Its quick Post-It note style memo format allows you to add quick reminders and to-dos in mere seconds.

What I love most about Google Keep is that it’s highly visual. You can customize the colors of a memo to visually indicate tasks importance and priority. You can also apply multiple labels to Google Keep memos to organize multiple to-do lists.

Most importantly, Google Keep is fully searchable! So if you’re too lazy to meticulously organize your to-do list, you can find your notes and to-dos with a few keystrokes! I use Google Keep to keep track of business, personal, fitness, and household to-do items.

best productivity apps stay organized

Organize Multiple Tasks with Google Keep



Productivity Apps #3 – Manage Large Projects with Trello

Trello is a great app for managing large projects with lots of moving pieces. The beauty of Trello is that it can handle multiple phases of a project.

For example, if you work on multiple blog posts at a time you can use the GTD method to keep track of blog posts in various phases of completion. Trello allows me to track which blog posts are in draft mode, published, or need promotion at a glance. You can also use colored labels to indicate the stage of a product, as well as schedule due dates for specific tasks.

I’ve used Trello for various business and personal projects including product launches, content creation, planning a vacation, renovating my home office, and tracking finances. However, you can use Trello boards all kinds of things, including recipes, reading lists, finances, event planning, and keeping track of birthdays. In fact, Trello has an entire post dedicated to board inspiration.

Trello’s free version is quite powerful, however for $5 a month, you can add Power-Ups to your board which give you the abiity to link Trello to popular apps like Slack and Google Calendar.

Initially, the input process for Trello can be a bit cumbersome but once it’s set up it’s a breeze to manage. If you typically manage ongoing projects with multiple moving pieces and stakeholders, Trello is the way to go!

best productivity apps stay organized

Manage Large Projects with Trello

Apps for Productivity #4 – Get Focused with Omnifocus

With an easy-to-use interface, Omnifocus is made for Mac and iOS where you can filter lists by task and project, then plan them out by priority. You’ll be able to review completed assignments and sync between multiple devices, helping you stay on track.

The newest feature on the app are tags, which allow you to organize your tasks however your see fit. For example, use tags to separate your to-do list by client or by errand type (grocery, kids, etc).

Omnifocus comes in standard and pro formats and you are required to purchase separate downloads for both Mac and iOS versions. The standard program starts at $39.99 and Omnifocus pro is available for $59.99 as an iOS download or $79.99 for Mac.

Productivity Apps #5 – Collaborate Easier with Taskade

Made with team players in mind, Taskade helps working with others become more organized and efficient. This app features a live chat to collaborate in real time, customizable workflow options to individualize your experience, task assignments to delegate the workload, and note sharing to inspire brainstorms. Your team’s productivity is sure to skyrocket.

Available for most devices and browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, there’s no longer an excuse for lousy teamwork. The basics are free with upgrades coming soon.

Productivity Apps #6 – Manage Your Team with Connecteam

Most of today’s employee productivity apps are geared towards office employees. Connecteam offers a solution to manage non-desk employees that are on the go. Connecteam allows you to easily communicate the right content at the right time to every single employee. They offer multiple communication tools to enhance your day-to-day business routine; live chat group conversations, directory for all work contacts, immediate updates with or without comments and likes, employee feedback surveys, suggestion box and more.

Connecteam allows you to manage job scheduling, time tracking, and empoyee communication all from one platform. You can take employee management to the next level by going paperless and automating daily procedures with Connecteam’s mobile-first checklists and forms platform. One of the biggest perks of Connecteam, is that employees don’t have to be in office nor carry papers, in order to have direct access to information, policies and training materials. From one place, employees have access to an intuitive learning experience and easy access to files, all media types, searchable online libraries, professional courses, quizzes and web-services.


Apps for Productivity #7 – Organize Your Time with Timepage

What better way to help you organize your time and tasks than with a multifunctional smart calendar?! Timepage is just that — syncing events, maps, contacts, and weather into one streamlined calendar.

One of its biggest features is the split screen, allowing you to view your calendar alongside other apps. It also includes a desktop version and the ability to see a timeline of the whole week at once and up to six weeks at a glance. It also functions as an intuitive “heatmap” showing you when you’re busier and when you have more time in your schedule.

Timepage Assistant notifies you of today’s plans, when to leave for appointments, and what weather you can expect. The app is available for Apple products with a free trial and has options to purchase upgrades within.

Productivity Apps #8 – Create Beautiful Notes with Whink

Perfect for people who love handwritten notes, Whink is the award-winning app for people who typically prefer classic composition notebooks. With Whink, you’re able to write as if you’re putting pen to paper but there’s more – you can add images, videos, text, sound clips, and shapes to those handwritten notes.

On top of that, you can easily organize it any way you like. Another great feature, similar to Timepage, is that you can split the screen to watch a video, for example, and take notes on it all at the same time.

Not currently available in a desktop version, you can download Whink onto your iOS devices for only $4.99. As the winner of the AppStore’s Best of 2015 and Editor’s Choice, it’s worth a try if you’re ready for a new way to take notes and stay on top of things.

Apps for Productivity #9 – Become a Taskmaster with GoodTask

Working together with your iOS Calendar and Reminders, GoodTask 3 keeps everything you need to do on one simple interface. It can be used on the go with your Apple Watch or straight from the app on a phone or tablet. With GoodTask all your information is organized using lists, filters, and tags.

Available as an app for both Mac and iOS devices, you can trial GoodTask 3 for free. Whether it’s a mundane to-do list or full on project management, this app is a straightforward way to stay productive.

What are your favorite productivity apps to manage your crazy to do lists? Let me know in the comments.

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