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5 Tips to Stay Healthy as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, it can be easy to neglect self-care and physical fitness as you invest most of your time and energy into work. But this behavior, while it may save a bit of time in the short-term, can have serious consequences down the road. When you don’t take care of yourself, you are putting your business at risk and could end up facing health issues or burnout.

Here are some tactics for staying healthy while running your business:


1. Hydrate

It can be easy to forget to drink water, especially if you spend most of your day seated at a desk or in your office and don’t have a chance to work up a sweat. But water is crucial to fueling your body for all of the tasks in your day. Staying hydrated also helps maintain clarity and focus, as a lack of water has been shown to affect your focus and cognitive function in a matter of hours. Drink up!


2. Meditate

If you are the type of person to become easily distracted or spend time mulling things over rather than taking action, meditation could be a very useful practice that will positively impact your productivity and therefore your business! Even just a few minutes each day of an independent or guided meditation can improve focus, reduce stress, help you sleep, and keep you from ruminating on the same thoughts throughout the day.


3. Make exercise non-negotiable

When you approach the idea of exercise as an optional part of your day that you may get to “if you have the time”, it will be very difficult to stick to your routine. Instead, you should make a schedule that you can commit to, be it daily or weekly, and make exercise a priority. Once you accept that weekly yoga, going for a jog, or walking the dog, in order to prioritize fitness you should make exercise non-negotiable! 


4. Enjoy healthy snacks

As a busy entrepreneur, healthy eating can be difficult. If you are constantly on the go or taking important calls and attending meetings, there may not be a great deal of time to fit in healthy eating. Even if you work from home, it can be tempting to opt for quick meals like frozen dinners or fast food, just to save time and get back to the task at hand. In order to combat this and try to eat healthier, make sure you keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand. This will help you curb the temptation of getting fast food or other convenience meals, as you will be able to access healthy foods at home or on-the-go. Consider options like nuts, fresh fruit, granola bars, and greek yogurt. And make sure you drink plenty of water!


5. Schedule downtime

As an entrepreneur, you are likely in “go” mode constantly. Answering late night e-mail, taking meetings, and producing content can be exhausting. An important part of fitness is self-care and mental health, which is difficult to maintain if you don’t give yourself frequent breaks. Take time to do activities you enjoy, hang out with family and friends, or even just take the night off to enjoy catching up on your shows on Netflix. 

If you feel like you have reached burn-out and just can’t bear the thought of sitting back down at your desk or sending one more e-mail, this is a sign from your body telling you that it is time for a real break. Consider taking a long weekend or even a week away from the business. You’ll enjoy benefits like stress reduction, better sleep, and increased productivity upon your return. 

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