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I'm Jacinta — branding expert, web designer, and owner behind Social Circle, a full service creative studio dedicated to helping ambitious  entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams with ease. 

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10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

For some reason, there’s this idea that because you run a small business, that means you must do everything yourself. Sure, you can work yourself to the bone trying to figure out every single aspect of running your company, but the truth is, you can’t be good at everything – even if we hope to be.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant? 

At the end of the day, our most valuable resource is our time. One of the biggest mistakes we can make is wasting our time in an effort to save money. As business owners, we should really be more focused on how we spend our time and only then think about how we spend our money.

Delegating tasks and outsourcing the workload essentially means giving the work you’d either rather not do or that you’re not the best at to someone who’s willing and often specialized to do them.

From the mundane administrative work to the important and difficult technical aspects of business, there are plenty of tasks to outsource. According to Forbes, some of the best things about outsourcing are: not having to hire more employees by using contractors, access to more talent and lower labor costs.

You may risk some lack of control and communication errors, but if you do your research, outsourcing can help save your valuable time so that you can start focusing on what’s really important. Here are 10 reasons to hire a virtual assistant and start getting more done: 


Virtual Assistant Task #1: Email Management

Does anyone else have a never-ending notification icon on their email inbox? Keeping up with your email inbox can become a gigantic task that takes up an overwhelming amount of time.

Hiring a great virtual assistance service can be a complete game-changer for gaining control of your inbox and only spending time on the email correspondence that is actually important.


Virtual Assistant Task #2: Bill Collection

We all get it. There’s nothing less glamorous than having to email a client about an unpaid subscription payment. This is an opportune moment to outsource those tasks that you just can’t stand doing.

Services like Recurly reduce churn by collecting over 70% of failed payments. Lessening your workload while avoiding the crummy part of business ownership… seems like a win-win!


Virtual Assistant Task #3: Graphic Design

In this day and age of content marketing and social media all day every day, a lot of us tend to enjoy the graphic design side of owning a small business. Tools like Canva and Wordswag make quick graphic design projects fun but the truth is, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. And that’s totally ok!

If it feels like more of a time-sucking chore than something you genuinely like working on, maybe it’s time to outsource those graphic design tasks. Plus, the growing pressure to have a strong brand image and professionally-designed brand assets are another good reason to outsource the designing to someone with better tools, skills, and who can produce top-notch work.


Virtual Assistant Task #4: Copywriting

Copywriting is one of those skills easily overlooked as something everyone is surely good at. In fact, you might be surprised at how much better your brand marketing can be if you simply outsource your copywriting tasks. You can hire contractors to do your copywriting on everything from your website homepage, product descriptions, email newsletters, and social media ads.

I recently hired a copywriter to write one of my email funnel sequences and I was floored by the results. Copywriters have a unique talent for crafting messages that readers respond to. Long story short, it’s all about crafting the most effective way to communicate your message and professional copywriters do it best.


Virtual Assistant Task #5: Course Creation

Many businesses have started offering online courses for their followers that can be a great way to make passive income from your expertise. Yet, the creation of these courses can be incredibly time-consuming.

Course creation is another task you can outsource to a freelancer or contractor that is sure to save your time and resources. Then, instead of fussing over every little detail, you’ll be able to focus on the actual content of the course and how you can continue to improve your products.


Virtual Assistant Task #6: Tech Issues

Confused with WordPress? Don’t have the right tech in place? It might be time to hire a systems integrator. Usually, tech-related issues are something no one wants to deal with. Still, in this day and age, most of our lives are automated by technology. Without the right skills, figuring it all out on your own could take a lot longer than just outsourcing the issue.

It’s also better, in the long run, to make sure all your technology is working properly instead of buying new gear or watching multiple tutorials that get you nowhere. Create a relationship with a tech expert in your area and have him or her help with all the problems you’ll be sure to run into with your gadgets. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll need some assistance.


Virtual Assistant Task #7: Ideal Customer/Market Research

Getting clear on who your ideal customers are is incredibly important to your bottom line. As entrepreneurs, we obviously care deeply about what we’re working on and, while this is usually a good thing, it can sometimes obstruct our view of reality when it comes to our target demographic.

A 20-something foodie Instagrammer might hope he’s reaching other 20-somethings just like him when he’s actually getting better engagement from middle-class moms. A musician marketing herself on YouTube might want to be getting in front of producers in the US but has more of an audience with Korean pop fans.

Hiring someone that can objectively research your ideal customers and target market can be a great investment to help take charge of your marketing objectives. Knowing that you’re not reaching the people that you want to be reaching is a clear indicator that it’s time to reassess your messaging. Outsourcing research can help.



Virtual Assistant Task #8: Prospecting/Discovery Calls

If your business involves prospecting for new clients, you can outsource this task to people that will make the initial call. They’ll be able to determine whether or not the person on the other end is a good fit to work with you.

Rather than spending countless hours on discovery calls, using a contractor or making it one of your virtual assistant tasks means they’ll be screening the clients for you. That way, you’re only pitching to people who already have a bit of interest in what you have to offer. This also has the added benefit of making your time seem even more valuable since clients will have to pay in order to speak with you directly.


Virtual Assistant Task #9: Social Media Management

Anyone who’s anyone knows that it’s essential for your business to have a social media presence in some shape or form. They’ll also know that curating a platform and any kind of influence takes a lot of time and effort. That’s where outsourcing comes into play.

Whether you use a freelancer to create content, plan your social media strategy, or analyze engagement rates, hiring a social media manager can help you add hours and hours to your day.



Virtual Assistant Task #10: A Little Bit of Everything!

Finally, if you have a lot on your plate, you may need someone’s help with just about everything. In that case, you’re definitely not alone.

A virtual assistant can help you manage just about anything that needs to be managed. From creating your schedule complete with a daily to-do list in your email to briefing you before a big meeting with a company you’ve never heard of, hiring an assistant can help you become more creative and calm for the simple reason that you won’t have to sweat the small stuff.


🤓 Don’t go it alone: Being a business owner doesn’t mean that you need to do “all-of-the-things”, concentrate on what your passionate about and consider outsourcing the rest.

⏰ Time is your most precious resouce: Newbie entrepreneurs often think money is their most precious resource when in fact it’s time. The best way to increase your productivity is to hire people to help you get things done!


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15 Things to Do When Business is Slow

5 Easy Ways to Update Your Brand in 2022

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I'm Jacinta — branding expert, web designer, and owner behind Social Circle, a full service creative studio dedicated to helping ambitious female entrepreneurs launch the business of their dreams with ease. 


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