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Let's build a brand & website that matches. 

We're not your typical design agency. 

We are a full service branding, web design and marketing team dedicated to helping you build a profitable and stress-free business. 

It may sound funny coming from a branding and website design studio, but these days a fancy logo and color palette just aren't enough. While good design is important, the answer to creating a stand-out brand is brand positioning.

Now before you go off and google "how to position your brand" - positioning isn't something you do, it's what your customer does based on their experience with your brand. Many businesses simply mirror what their competitors are doing assuming this is what makes them successful - however this tactic often leads to your brand fading into the background. 

The ONLY way to stand out is to identify and craft a brand based on its key differentiators. Our signature branding process goes beyond the aesthetics and puts brand strategy at the forefront. Together, we'll design a brand that gives you confidence, clarity and breaks through the noise. 

At Social Circle, we work hand-in-hand with our clients through every phase of the design process to develop authentic brand identities and deliver engaging websites. From concept through completion, we provide an organized framework of support, guidance, and experience to create a brand worthy of the value that your business provides.

Your website exists to get people to fulfill your main business goals. Sure, your site needs to look great and run smoothly, but layered on top of that is something we like to call results-driven design. 

Sound complicated? The concept is actually pretty simple. While many design studios, will use a new website to flex their design skills - we're much more concerned with designing a website that generates revenue for you.

We’ve designed and evaluated hundreds of websites and know exactly what's needed to create a high-converting website that meets your business goals and creates a great experience for your site visitors.

DIY is a great way to get started in your business and test the marketplace, but once you've proven your business model it's time to leave the testing phase and invest in a brand that will invoke confidence, accelerate your business, and usher more sales and opportunities your way. 

You have no shortage of ideas but you struggle with how to prioritize and execute your ideas. Our hands-on approach will help you take your seemingly random ideas and package them into a strategically aligned business that fuels your creative ambition and delights your customers. 


You know that what got you here won't get you there. You need a strategic partner and a team to help you scale from side-hustle to successful business owner. 



I'm not just a brand strategist, designer, digital marketer, and business coach; I'm also your biggest cheerleader and supporter. My signature Brand Confidence process has already empowered hundreds of fashion, beauty, wellness, and lifestyle brands to magnify their impact, reel in high-ticket clients, and effortlessly grow the business of their dreams.

Before founding Social Circle, I honed my skills for over a decade at some of NYC's top media agencies. Now, I channel that wealth of experience into helping small businesses like yours implement the same game-changing branding and marketing strategies used by the big players in the industry.

Your new strategic design partner and key to unlocking
the next LEVEL in your business. 

Brand Confidence is perfect for you if you're ready to take your business to the next level with beauty and clarity. By carefully combining the right balance of color, pattern, font types, illustration, and photography, we'll create a brand identity that's authentically and beautifully you.

Whether you are just starting your business or need a fresh makeover for an existing brand, we can help you create the brand presence you deserve and show up with confidence.

brand strategy & identity



Already have the perfect brand and now you're in need of a website that complements your brand and helps your business stand out amongst the competition?

We'll work with you to create a beautiful and strategically designed website that highlights your unique brand, generates leads, increases sales, and allows you to show up with confidence.

web design



The Total Package is perfect for you if you're looking to go 'all in' and launch a beautiful brand and high converting website on day one or ready to take your current brand and website to the next level.

You deserve a brand and website that looks beautiful, represents your style, attracts your ideal clients, and makes the kind of money you really want





If you're serious about e-commerce we highly recommend using Shopify.

We’ll work together to formulate a plan to create the best design and functionality for your eCommerce website. We excel at striking the perfect equilibrium between a captivating design and a conversion-optimized strategy.

BRAND & E-commerce WEB DESIGN 



If you're not ready to make a big investment in your business and are looking to get up and running quickly, this is the package for you!

You'll get access to our team for a week, where we'll work together to design your logo and select the perfect color palette and fonts to complement it. Afterwards, we'll design your one-page high-converting website.





In need of design services but don't want the overhead of hiring a full-time designer? Our design days may be the perfect solution!

Our VIP Design Day allows you to book a full 8-hour day dedicated solely to your specific design needs! This service allows you to take advantage of a discounted hourly rate and stop worrying about fluctuating fees based on the design project.






(even while you sleep)

If you're ready to reclaim your time, so you can focus on serving your clients and increasing your bottom line, we'd love to help. Not yet convinced?

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